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Posted By Chris

You are starting to see the light, soon it won't be hard for you to figure out your next move.

Working in a group setting of people could create tense or angry feelings today, so if you find yourself in a group situation, see if you can divvy up the workload and divide it up so everybody is working in smaller partnerships.   The energy combination today make for large group situations to be complicated to enable anything to get done.  Many heads can come up with better ideas faster than just one.  So if possible break up into smaller groups.

You will still have to contend with strange energy field that has been generated by Monday's Mercury reversal and yesterday's Mars return to forward motion.  If communication channels are still appearing to be blocked, don't lose your cool and start blaming well-meaning friends.  The morning hours today can produce more uncertainty since the Moon squares Mercury which is also the beginning a void lunar cycle that won't conclude until later this afternoon.

Posted By Chris

You don't let anyone push you around  or even to appear to get the best of you.

You've always had backbone, but right now you're going way out of your way to show the world how stiff it is.  Your lesson for today is to examine this strong willpower you have, and ask the question, are you really strong or is it you just a lack of concern for other people's feelings?  The lesson to be experienced here is to know when to assert yourself and when to walk away.

You are finally starting to connect with someone in a new and profound way, this is the start of something very exciting.  Today, you have got to do all you can to build on that momentum!  Make sure you have at least one conversation with this person, just to keep that connection alive and well.  An email will also do the trick, since the connect is still very strong.  So don't worry about trying to track them down on the phone.  Just touching base with them will remind them of your place in their life.

If you are looking for a day of smooth energies across the board, this is not that day.  Right now, you need prepare for an onslaught of nasty energy from planet Mars.  This celestial body is the opposite in influence in your universe to love and the planet Venus.  It's almost impossible to escape the affects of this alignment, which tends to disrupt normal interactions between loved ones and replace them with stormy conditions, annoyances or irritating behaviour patterns.  Hopefully, knowing about this alignment, you can sidestep potential problems on the romantic front and choose to be more kind-hearted and empathic person throughout the day.

Posted By Chris

Your emotions are all mixed up right now.

You may experience an emotional upheaval, you may find during this experience people are more willing to help you figure things out, but we advise that it's a good time to talk things over with a trusted friend rather than just putting it out there for all to witness.

Today if you're being forced to collaborate with someone who is acting like a child, then you need to be as strict as a school principal or an angry parent.  It might not be too much fun to parent a grown adult, but doing so is much more desirable than the alternative, dealing with their temper tantrums.  Some people need discipline in order to focus, and you need to be prepared to take authority.  This is your lesson today, and its good training for a leadership position anyway, so get comfortable having an iron fist.

Early this morning the Moon entered Scorpio.  This lunar position suggests its time to ferret out secrets and bring light and positive energy to dark and mysterious places that perplex the mundane's.  Problem-solving will become a fine art and potentially a science over the next few days if you are serious about getting to the core reality.

Posted By Chris

Making choices based on your emotions is not a wise strategy for you today.

Your feelings, while important to you and your life, are only relevant to you.  Don't mistake your goals for group objectives.  It's vitally important for you to think things through with other people in mind on group projects.  Be empathetic and try to see things from other perspectives.  Your lesson today will call upon you to act selflessly, and it would be a good idea to be prepared for sharing your thoughts with others so they can help you strengthen and pick the right ones for implementation.  Communication should be much easier than usual, so good luck!

The universe declares a cease-fire and you need to pay attention to what's happening all around you.  The big news for sure is you should back off as Mercury will remain virtually motionless for about 48 hours, so don't assume that it is suddenly dashing into reverse mode.  It is wise to be more cautious about important projects or business negotiations.  Use the next three weeks to review, reflect and re-evaluate what's been happening in the key areas of life.

Posted By Chris

Things should feel different today, in fact they should. 

Today is classified as a strange day.  As Pluto enters Capricorn expect to conduct a thorough look back and analysis of your ups and downs, of the past 12 year cycle.  Expect your philosophy of life, and mental prowess to have changed or shifted in extreme ways.  During the next few months you will have ample opportunities to discover what it is like to be a spiritual leader, so strive toward career goals in this direction.  Accept your new found responsibilities and authority.

Expect a few surprises and or shocks to the system around the time that the Moon in Virgo opposes Uranus in Pisces later this afternoon.  You may find a lot of satisfaction today in pursuing computer work, and high-tech interests.  It's time to stock up on health foods, and vitamins.  What may seem to be small progress and insignificant changes in your eating habits will affect the big picture in a crucial way.  Therefore, do not ignore a prompting or fleeting flash of insight that might lead you to a positive insight.

It's okay to for go the party-going or a euphoric scene tonight, let your hermit-side take over and immerse yourself in a good book or conversation with a close friend.  Be as clear as you can, especially with written communication, because most people have a hard time reading between the lines today.  That includes you so make sure to question your own assumptions before jumping to wild conclusions.

You have been running around a lot lately, but are you getting anything done?  Caution not to start something just for someone else to finish, this is a sure way to lose ownership of your own success.  It's time to learn how to see things through to the end.  Whether that means completing a do it yourself project or just finally finishing reading a novel. 

The lesson today is you need to experience sticking with something from the start to the bitter end.



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