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Posted By Chris

The next few days you will feel introverted and philosophical.

You could meet a new friend or acquaintance that will be much more influential than you would have expected.  The topic may be restricted to a narrow subject, but you will fully explore it.

Let your friends know you need a little time to yourself to think and sort out some of these new ideas.  They may be inspired to do the same.

Healing forces are back on the march.  This is a good morning to learn more about holistic healing techniques and what's on the cutting edge regarding alternative medicine.

Posted By Chris

Strange how one weekend can leave you so radically changed without feeling it.

Hold yourself to higher standards today, you can handle it!  Your mission is fully operative now and more in line with the energy of the universe, and our wishes.  Get ready as you can pull off much bigger accomplishments, we call this integrating the dragon, which you know is the breath of God.

There is nothing to fear from trying something that you have never tried before.  Yes, the dragon is a foreign influence but its a very strong and has a very positive impact on your life, so be open to it.

This education in the truth will inspire you to continue to move beyond your comfort zone and take more risk.  You question if you want this crazy, out of control reality.  By now the mundane world should be bordering on boredom and obsessive behavior.

Your lesson today will lead you get yourself involved in one of these obsessive relationships, and it'll be over before they have a chance to unpack their toothbrush.

Changes are happening all over your life right now.  Your relationships are already in motion, but it's about to get even better.  There might be a few bumps at first, but the end result will be worth the ride.

Posted By Chris

A new friend is starting to take on a much larger role in your life.

This friends influence is good, and they have a brand of strength that you should try to integrate into your own life.  You should welcome the opportunity to talk with them today.  The two of you are ready to take things to a deeper level, and maybe even become real confidantes.

Your brainpower is strong today and you can easily evaluate your options and come up with a plan.  The odds are good that you're just restless or bored enough to get started right away.

Posted By Chris

No one wants to hear a lecture, so go back and reconsider your approach.

If you think you understand issues on a deeper level than your colleagues, then no wonder why they're not listening to you.  If you're trying to convince a loved one of something, don't be so dogmatic about it.  Present your side and give them reason to come around.  You're a great friend, and this person is quite distraught.  Set aside some one-on-one time with them.  Don't say a lot, all you need to do is just listen. The time you spend in service to someone else will be returned to you as an amazing gift.

Posted By Chris

The universe is sending you some energy today, and it's just what you have been needed to get started on a project at home!

Beware of biting off more than you can chew. Your friends are happy to help you out, but they don't want to have to finish off projects you started.  It's a good day for you to make big plans.  You'll spend more time thinking than acting today, but that helps you to build up the energy needed to help you get ready for bigger things to come.  Maybe you want to repaint the kitchen, fix something broken, or just clean out a closet, whatever you've been putting off will suddenly seem like the best way to spend your day.



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