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Posted By Chris

The day starts off good, but moodiness sets in.

It's not them, it's you.  Why are the wrong ones so darn appealing?  That's a great question.  Get ready for the answers to come, it will be very illuminating.

Posted By Chris

It’s the bit players in your life that often times turn out to be more important than you had expected.

A friend of a friend or someone just out side your inner sphere of friends and family might play a big role in your life today, so take another look out far and wide at your friends. 
Look for common ground and you'll find the connection between you and this other person.

There's one relationship that is related to career issues that you need to work on.  It should be obvious, but if you need help figuring it out, think about the person you're most closed off from, then start working accordingly.

Posted By Chris

You get a message early today that’s important.

The important information is from a friend or colleague and it can’t be ignored, it almost certainly contains guidance of some kind.  Make sure that you take it to heart, as it's very important.

You really want to go out.  What you're really after is socializing, but not on a lighthearted level.  You're in the mood for intense, deep penetrating conversations.  All the topics that no one would usually dare to bring up at the dinner table.

Posted By Chris

Things are going boldly nowhere.

That’s at least how it seems to feel at the moment.  You may have to make a break with someone who's bring you down, though it can be temporary if you don't want to cut them out entirely.  You know how to stay calm, even when you don't have everything under control, and now you'll be calmer than ever.

Someone who's always been less than predictable to say the least will suddenly call to let you know that they're at it again.  You have to ask yourself why do they call you?  Be honest you love hearing from them.  You're never sure what they'll be up to, and what kind of exciting stories they'll have to tell.  A friend will help you come up with a creative alternative to a situation with this person’s demands.

Posted By Chris

You want things to change, but the most you can do is talk about it for now.

Usually talk is plenty enough for most people, but you want things to move quicker, so you’re going to have to deal with some frustration.  Your mission that you've been on for what seems like forever.  Well, you may not see it coming, but the powers that be are preparing to have a sit-down chat with you very soon about it.  You’re about to discover just how indispensable you've made yourself to them.



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