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Posted By Chris

It's easy to impress the mundane's with your smarts.

Your brain is working overtime to get things done today and you feel the urge to share your thoughts with everyone.  Your interpersonal skills might feel a bit off at the moment due to a lack of energy.  Don't be surprised if some of your personal interactions, especially if they are of the romantic kind take a sudden, strange turn.  Just do your best to laugh off an out of turn comment or awkward silence.  This person will follow your lead every time.

Your lesson today is to practice turning a negative situation into a positive situation.  Prove to yourself that you can control the outcome of every situation in your life.  With a little finesse and an extra dose of the Moon in Sagittarius, you will bring closer to February 2008 on a good note.

Look back on yesterday's psychic obstacle course and give yourself an honest grade.  If you were able to stay focused and steer clear on self-created snafus, then give yourself a pat on the back.  Meanwhile, the Moon in Sagittarius is on your side again today offering breakthroughs in consciousness.  However, Mercury, and Mars may not go along with the Moon as Mercury makes a tense confrontation with Mars.  What you say and how you say it tonight will determine how well your weekend flows.

Posted By Chris

You're about to be sidelined.

Feeling a bit stressed out?  Snapping into action as soon as the opportunity presents itself is wearing you out.  This need you have to make sure that you're moving before anyone else is going to make you sick.  Don't be too surprised if you are feeling rather restless today.  It's all part of the planetary effects of Sagittarius.  If you have felt confined and restricted in recent days or even weeks, this can be a break-out time but there is need for a quite time before the storm.

You've been like an action hero lately, coming to the rescue and aid of others.  We know, that this can be exhausting work, so we are going to give you a time out from being there for others.  Take this moment to be there for yourself!  Treat yourself to a mellow, quiet evening.  Don't forget to turn off your phone if you want this respite to work.  You can get back into the action tomorrow.

Soon all will not be smooth sailing as Venus makes an abrasive connection to Mars which will form a potent and unpredictable parallel to Pluto, and we all know that Pluto can equate with couples squabbling and emotional spats that could even spill over to nasty arguments.  Think more about bringing your feminine and masculine sides into balance than in winning points during these possible debates.  Venus-Pluto connections point to hidden currents of discontent that may be causing the a big chill to descend into your romantic relationship.

However, the good news is that Venus alignments can manipulated, tweaked and transformed into favourable patterns that give your love life a healthy boost in the right direction.  Therefore, don't give up hope and faith that improvements can be made in matters of the heart.  Utilize the negative energies in this connection to tap into the power of earth energies.

Posted By Chris

It's time to revaluate your goals and put together a new list of top priorities.

In order to make any real progress today, you need to evaluate your goals and put together a list of your top priorities.  Right down to little things like do you want to lose weight or get toned?  Do you want to do it by increasing your exercise or by decreasing your calorie intake?  Do you have a specific deadline in mind, is there a wedding, or a party coming up?  Or is this an overall lifestyle change?  No matter what your goals, this type of analytic approach will help you get your wants and needs sooner.

This can be a successful start to your workweek, but don't be in too much of a hurry.  Take a good look at your intimate world and make any adjustments possible to improve romantic bonds.  If mood swings are your key concern today, its a cosmic issue.  Millions are feeling the affects as the Moon parallels Mercury and Pluto today.  Caution to not throw yourself into some kind of service today, like volunteering, just remember to take care of your personal needs first, the very ones you've been neglecting.

Posted By Chris

One of those charming characters who is in your life is getting a bit too nosy.

This person who knows you well will totally misread you this time and will get things exactly backwards.  This could take a fair amount of back-peddling and energy for you to undo, so get started as soon as you realize this confusion is happening.  Your life affairs are after all, yours.  If you want to spare yourself some future issues with this character tell them to stay out of your business.  Be polite, but prepare to repeat yourself, this person is use to getting their way with you and they aren't likely to get the hint right off the bat.  Your life is going to be much more fascinating to other people than it is to you right now, and this person is starting to realize this, believe us or not.

Revelations should be pouring into your mind this morning thanks to mentally-stimulating energy alignment.  This alignment not only refers to gains that can be made in terms of knowledge accumulation, but to tapping into your hidden wisdom and even the secret treasures that exist on spiritual levels.  If you are looking for a quick fix or resolution to recent problem, there is every indication here that you may have to be extra patient.  The continuation of Virgo Moon and especially a lunar square to Mars usually indicates the need to deal with minor issues that are difficult to bring to closer too.

Posted By Chris

Communicating could be fraught with difficulties today.

Those who are closest to you might suddenly become much more difficult to understand.  Treat them gently until you figure out what's going on.  You need to know where to go for the information that will help you the most in life.  Instead of asking friends for advice, go ask an expert.  Friends are who you should talk to about your mundane life, but when it comes to important issues like finances, and investments, you don't want to mix those two worlds.  Sharing information about how much money you have, could create unnecessary friction.

One thing to consider on the day after a Full Moon is how too manage all the extra energy and potential enlightenment you have just received.  Think about utilizing the next few days to offer your insights, beliefs and illuminating visions to others.  On a more pragmatic level, today's Virgo Moon is a good time to be more organized, focused, and down to earth.  Today's lesson is to be the master of order and control.



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