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Posted By Chris

When you prioritize, you will be unstoppable!

Knowing what tasks lie ahead gives you the freedom to explore new and exciting things as they come up.  So use this downtime to your advantage.  The so called dead time is really productive time.

Someone is waiting for a signal, and you need to give it or at least fake it.  If you take the initiative, things should go quite well for you all, so step up and do what you think is right.

You're worried about your financial situation right now, and you should be suspicious of anyone who is promising big returns on small investments.  Be careful not to get taken for a ride, by looking for true value, and playing the markets safe.  Forget the idea of a quick return.

Posted By Chris

As the storm clouds clear.

The intense negative feelings that you had for someone have improved.  You're not quite ready to join their fan club, but you're not as upset as you were.  Things will never be the same, but that was your hidden motive in the first place, to force change to the terms of your relationship.

You have grown from student to teacher, this is something to celebrate.    In fact this can be seen as a victory for you both.  Consider the dynamics of moving your relationship into a higher arena, building on the foundation that you both have created together over a decade of working together.

Today's lesson is to build the same foundation with your own students.  Start by being totally up front about your desires.  Make all your wishes known, but don't go overboard seeming self centered.  Start by tell them a few things that would really make you happy and be sure to ask them what they'd like, too.

Posted By Chris

When the fine line gets too blurry, misunderstandings are bound to happen.

Be as clear as possible about the direction you are headed, whether you're going to the right or to the left, you're the one choosing the path you follow.

You've got a lot of changes you'd like to make, but don't try to do everything at once.  Talk to others about what you can realistically make happen now, and save the rest for another time.

Nobody seems to get you today, so see if you can get them to look the other way while you collect your thoughts.  Understand it may take a few more days before you can communicate on something closer to their level.

Your creativity's on the move right now, so whether you're alone or hanging out with a friend, do something original.  The momentum is in your court.

Posted By Chris

Your brain is ready and eager to come up with new plans, and you need is some quiet time to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

You're up for change and might find that you've got a few people in the peanut gallery who want to make suggestions.  Your mental powers should make it simple to find the goal without their input.  Today is well-suited for deep thought and contemplation.  Your brain is ready and eager but a socially active friend may start tugging at you to drop everything and go in the other direction, don't get mad, just don't go in that direction if you'd rather be alone.  They don't need your company as much as they might want you to think they do.

Posted By Chris

An authority figure may have a hidden agenda, or are you just being paranoid?

Make a subtle attempt to find out.  Until you know for sure, we suggest you pretend not to feel the deep under currents.  You're feeling a bit pressed with the mundane's around you, thanks to one person who thinks they know everything.  You might need to use all your powers of persuasion to suppress them!

You're working hard to help others but no one seems to be appreciating your efforts, so what?  If helping others was your true motivation, then why do you need recognition?  If you're just trying to be good in order to get credit from the universe, stop.  There is no point in being kind unless you mean it.

Just be you and if that means being a little bit selfish, so be it.  Pay extra attention today not only to what you say, but how you say it.  If you think your friends are not getting your intended meaning, try a different approach to be sure you are being understood.  Slow your pace and be extra careful when it comes to dealing with dear ones.

A potent Mars-Juno connection takes place in Aquarius later this morning.  This energy combination can pack a wallop in terms of emotional empowerment or disempowerment.  Projecting your anger on well-meaning friends is to be avoided at all cost.

Your lesson today is to find ways to understand others on a deeper level of reality.



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