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Posted By Chris

Your opinions are more valuable than you have ever thought.

You're having too much fun causing arguments to worry much about the consequences. 
Telling you not to go overboard and push others buttons is useless.  It's like admonishing you and telling you not to speak your mind.

You’re hell bent to argue and you'll be on a mission to perfect this talent today.  Expect to raise a few eyebrows as you test the limits of others with excess and bluntness.

Think about all the times in life where, when you have gotten what you thought you wanted, how truly dissatisfied you would have been. Rejection equals protection in many cases.

Posted By Chris

You have a certain charm right now.

Your intellect shines, and you have a gift for creating stability where none existed before.  A certain level of confusion (veil) regarding your love life will be lifted soon.  What's the big news?  You’ll soon have information that's like a lightning bolt or giant light bulb suddenly switching on.

Caution too many different types of energies leave you tired and a little sad.  You won't be able to make up for the lost time, so cut your losses, get plenty of rest and do your best to come back into balance tomorrow.

Posted By Chris

Break things down into their smallest components if you want to understand them.

If you want to get rid of those long-standing issues, now is the time, your analytical mind is at its sharpest.  It's also important for you to accept criticism today.  It will most likely be much more critical than you are use too.  It's coming your way, and that’s for sure.

This issue has been coming with this person for a while, and you're not ashamed to hear it.   You've just about had it with this person, and you want out of the relationship.  Still, you've been reluctant to make a move without something solid, well this is your opportunity.

We’ll say it now, this is not a sign that you’re lacking the guts, it's a sign of your maturity.  You can buckle down and stand your ground with this person.  You can at least tell yourself that at least you’ve given this person the time they have needed to show their true colours.

We would classify this as a love matter, and as you know love matters have been frustrating for you for some time, it seems like you're butting heads with this person needlessly since your not even in love.  It's a good time to switch the channel and focus on your own work matters instead.  You'll solve this when you're ready.

Posted By Chris

You wish for a simpler time.

You usually don't mind how complicated life can get, but right now, you'd rather that it was back to basics.  Try to cut out a few activities or tasks that you know you can pass on until later.

At this point, your friends and family are pretty well trained, and will do what you ask of them.  Most of them don't even bat an eyelash when you get going on one of your wants.

An old flame wants to rekindle that spark, but you know they can't hold a candle to your present, someone special and with good reason.  What's in the past is in the past.  How could they possibly fit in to all that you have going on in the present when they couldn’t fit in your past?

It's all coming down to your communication skills.  This means talking, asking questions and listening, to the answer.  You'll find the perfect blend of productivity as you move through the day.

Posted By Chris

Your energy level today might not be high enough to meet the day's challenges.

Today feels a little blurry to you, but not so bad that you need to stay home in bed.  Things get better soon!  You've been so good for so long that you're not sure who you are anymore.

Your brilliant ideas will shine even more when you share them with someone you think has earned the right to know you better.  It's not that you two have to act on these ideas right away; rather, this person enjoys getting to learn even more about you.

It's a great time for you to get advice from your friends, because they're going to speak plainly and should have some great insights to share with you.  Let their words sink in before you act on them.



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