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Posted By Chris

Don’t let the little things distract you from what's important!

Do your best to keep a tighter grip on your emotions, or you may find it difficult to get through the day.  Little things might stir up your emotions, but if you keep focused on your target, they shouldn't distract you from what's important.

You are the center of the action today, so get ready for a lot of attention.  Your charm quotient is high, and it will draw them in like moths to a flame, snaring some influential people.

Suddenly, people who've known you for a very long time are seeing you in a new light, and the people who meet you for the first time are asking where the hell have they been hiding?

Before you let that new person you meet, impress you, you need to make some plans to get to know them quite a bit better.  Draw on your inner resources.




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