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Posted By Chris

You will prove to yourself that you are capable of more than you thought, good for you!

Someone is quite influential in your life.  You may find it hard to believe at first, but their ideas do help to shape you.  Get ready for their change in tactics!  Trying new things and not being afraid of failure are the two most important elements of growing as a person.  Over the past few years you have radically changed your philosophy for the better, and while the rewards don't feel terribly impressive right now, they will very soon.  If you feel like you need more positive reinforcement, call up this friend who knows how to be your cheerleader!

Foreign concepts are very scary at first, but in time they will provide some positive and exciting elements in an otherwise mundane reality.  Be open to new experiences and ideas.  You should be able to get back into the thick of specialness sooner than you think.  With the Moon leaving a void cycle in Capricorn and entering Aquarius you should be able to go about your daily chores and work assignments, while your new ideals and visions of a better reality enter your consciousness.

There should be a definite feeling that good fortune is back in your corner and that you can truly take advantage of every opportunity coming your way.  The only planetary obstacle to your forward progress today is a potentially destabilizing Sun-Uranus connection later tonight.  Which can jangle your nerves or produce mental stress as you try to get to sleep.

Posted By Chris

Things are getting more intense.  Are you ready to step away from the crowd and be a leader?

We assure you that things will get better, what you need to do is to make sure that all your people are ready for the next step. Communication is vital, as it often is that things need to be brought up in order to be aired out.  Discussion is key.  Sure, it won't seem like fun to be the person who starts the tough talking, but the person who creates the agenda must manage it, too. You stated something then you have a vested interest in a certain outcome.  Don't feel bad for pushing for what you want, you will soon see that this is what's needed.

You can have a lot of influence over a lot of people, if you want.  So we ask again are you ready to step away from the crowd and deal with issues that no one else wants to deal with?  You and your students come from the same angle, which certainly helps.  But a better question is do you want them to be your equal?  Hmm, that's a different way of looking at your relationships, isn't it?

Your students need you to come a little closer and pay a little more attention, they're probably farther down energetically right now than you are, and can use a lift.  Show them how sweet the energy of life can be.  This can be a magical rare day, as the universe appears to unload an enormous amount of planetary alignments.  When this happens, it is more the totality and quantity of the aspects than the individual nature of each one.

The line-up, is too long to list here.  The odds today are that shock waves, surprises and flashes of inspiration will be pervasive.  Signing legal documents, buying large-ticket items, all receive a thumb's-down sign.  Not taking yourself to seriously and trying to see the funnier side to situations are a good antidote for the rising tide of confusion and chaos through out the day.

Posted By Chris

The day's energy is perfect for making things happen.

Even though you haven't quite got it all planned out its still a good day to take action.  A newer relationship is just not working out.  Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and inconsiderate actions have helped create a gap between the two of you, and there is no better day to address the situation.  Do not dwell on what has happened, focus more on the reason you have chosen to be friends in the first place.  Has that reason changed?  If so, it might be time for you to move on.  When you find yourself preaching to this person, you know it's time to make some changes.  The energy wasted here must come to an end, because it's now getting in the way of your career and future.

Posted By Chris

You may want to refrain from what sounds like too much of a good thing.

You and a friend have an agreement.  Now that energy levels are returning to normal this may be a good time for you both to come to a new understanding.  There is need for a course correction here.  Be ready to work out the issues and use as much resources as necessary to get this done.  You need to concentrate on forward motion in your life, not on backward glances.  You have no time to waste deliberating over the best way to improve a less than perfect situation.

Sunday March 30, the Sun will experience an abrasive connection with Mars.  This is a factor that can make tempers flare, increase road rage, and explain why usually mild-mannered mundane's start losing their cool.  In addition Pluto is beginning to slow down as it approaches its first pause of the year on April 2.  This adds an element of extremism into almost every sphere of activity on the planet.  The reaction of most people will be a me first attitude.


Posted By Chris

The transformation that you're going through is not about immediate gratification.

Figuring out who you are takes some work.  It's like probing into seemingly unknowable depths of a well.  But when it comes to your studies, how you feel is very important.  You could waste valuable time and resources if you don't take the time to pay attention.  A close friend can offer insight to a situation that's been puzzling you.  Confide in them and don't just ask the questions, listen to their answers.

Think about your health today and figure out at least one positive step you can take to improve it.  Your connection with your body is very important. 
Your popularity is on the rise again, but it might be climbing at a slower pace than you would expect.  There is something to be said for taking baby steps on the road to fame and fortune.  Savour each moment now, will help you later how to appreciate the people who are cheering you on.  Take time to grow into and get comfortable with the new you.

The Moon continues its movement through the sign Scorpio and the Mercury-Venus connection yesterday is still making its presence in the psychic atmosphere felt today.  Think of your environment as your classroom and go on a learning offensive today and see how much smarter you can be by the end of the day.  The main confusion today comes as the Moon squares Neptune later this evening when a somewhat confusing aspect also begins a void lunar cycle lasting until tomorrow morning.  Therefore, this evening constitutes unknown territory where it is wise to complete old projects, but also where you want to let sleeping dogs lie.



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