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Posted By Chris

Don't let anxiety get the better of you today.

You may have some little things you are concerned about, but remind yourself that overall, you are doing just fine.  You're on the right track.  You can afford to mix it up a little bit, so get out there and find some new place to hang out, as your energy is impossible to contain in any one location.

Today's lesson is to be more conscious about others.  It takes a lot of energy to be a conscientious person, but you have a knack for it. You know how to make everyone else feel comfortable and at ease, which will be invaluable for just about any experience today.

If you are meeting people for the first time, you will be the one to set a calm scene.  You know how to feed someone's ego just enough to make them feel comfortable, but not so much that they feel patronized.

You might have to point out to others what may be obvious to you.  It may not look to an outsider like there's much going on, but you know that there is plenty of energy being mixed up in the room.

Posted By Chris

Before throwing a ball you need to decide on a pitch.

You're friend can help you find your focus.  You've got lots of stuff going on right now.  Maybe a bit too much?  It's one of those days when everyone you meet wants a piece of your time to talk.  Can you manage your time?

Watch where you step this morning, because if you maneuver yourself into the middle of a heated discussion, you might get burned!  The arguments between these people are going to be confusing for you, instinctually you know they aren't trying very hard to come to an agreement.

That's probably because there's something about the drama and the friction that these two enjoy, and the truth is they don't want to stop.  Your peacemaking skills are strong, but they are wasted on this pair.  Move away from the negative energy.

Today's lesson is to communicate with others without injecting any judgments or expectations before hand.  When you're free of presumption, you'll experience the world with clear, confident energy.  Not only will you feel better, others will gravitate to you for your balance and levity.

You may have some difficulty finishing what you started today.  Decide if you want to abandon your plans, or work through them.  A friend can help you find your focus.

Posted By Chris


It's offical his name is Harley and he is my new spiritual teacher.


Posted By Chris

There's a fine line between standing out and sticking out.

It's okay to speak up, you have become the one who can say what everyone else is thinking.  If you're not sure, experiment and you'll see what we say will happen.  You are almost certain to surprise even yourself.

Your hopes and wishes are your own, so don't go changing them around in order to fit in with the desires of someone who is presently in the power position.  It's important to be resolute in your goals, because otherwise you will never ever attain them.

Peer pressure can be tough act to counter balance, but if something the group wants you to do directly conflicts with something that you need to do, then you've got to refuse to do it.  You're just trying to be happy, and your friends should understand and support you.

Even if you can't accomplish everything on you to-do list today, set out to accomplish at least one goal.  And make sure it's emotionally oriented. Cleaning up your computer profile, or doing a little housecleaning, might not be enough to satisfy this energy bubble.

Posted By Chris

Get ready for some ups and downs today.

Ultimately you'll make it through the day so don't panic.  It's just one of those days that things feel like the big one is coming.  As the day wears on you may need to pulling in some extra resources through a friend.

The friendships you have right now could be the friendships that you are going to have for the rest of your life.  So you're lesson today is all about taking good enough care of these friends and their resources.

So when spiritual guidance tells you that one of your friends is in need, you should follow our instruction.  Don't be afraid to reach out and see if someone you care about needs your help.  They aren't going to come to you on their own.

This friend can always provide you with an outsider's perspective on your own life, and help you to see things that you can't.  Keep an open mind when they give you their opinions as they do with you in return.

It's time to take the initiative, but be sure to do it in an educated way.  Ask your colleagues to tell you exactly what you can't see yourself.  Listen to what they say as a group no matter how awkward it may feel.



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