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Posted By Chris

Are you just being overly sensitive?

You're just not sure what to make of your latest plan, something seems quite confusing about it.  You may need to just sit back and wait to see where it goes before you start asking questions.

Notice the subtleties of everyone around you today, and store that information in your memory.  Even if you're unwilling to venture out of your comfort zone, you'll be armed with plenty of information when it really matters.

Love and friendship can come in many different fashions, and sometimes it can be very confusing to try to figure out what kind of relationship you're seeking, most importantly what kind of love you are willing to give.

Just remember to take things very slowly in any new relationship or in any new cycle of an existing relationship.  The worst thing you can do right now is to make assumptions about what someone else could be feeling towards you.  Let them be what they are, and feel what they feel, you know how to do this.

Someone who you consider your subordinate is trying to control you.  Again tap into what this person feels by watching the undercurrents of energy to find out if it's time to put your foot down before its too late.

Posted By Chris

You're not missing out on anything you can't do later.

Today you're way less adaptable than normal.  What's that all about?  The energy is such today that you can't be as clear as you'd like thanks to some serious weird energy rolling around in your head.

It's not that big a deal, really, as long as you can put off any serious, intense conversations for a bit longer, and you let go of any hidden agenda, because you're not going to get very far with it right now anyway's.

Sure, letting go of your wants might mean that you'll have to make some changes you hadn't anticipated, but in the end those changes will make your success all the more assured.

While it's unlikely a very close friend has a hidden agenda, you may be feeling like you're not getting the whole story from them. Instead of making accusations, ask them about what is on their mind.

Posted By Chris

Someone has been preaching and teaching for quite a while.

Their sermon has become tiresome.  They think what they have to say is very important, while you just think it's a waste of time.  So let them know today that you really don't plan on taking their advice, ever.

Give them permission to brighten someone else's life.  Sure, your seeing this person as the source of ire right now, but its time you came out from under the security blanket that they have provided and go your own seprate way.

Your lesson today is to be nice, and let them know you have appreciated the special interest they've taken in you, but you no longer need them to waste any more of their energy on you.  You both need closer in order for this to work.

Posted By Chris

You possess a secret desire to break out of the pack and sprint ahead.

One problem, remember, certain people are ahead of you for a reason, they're setting the pace.  Move too quickly and you'll run out of steam.

After a period of struggle, you will discover common ground, and soon realize your coming from the same place.  You can now choose to work together once again, and quickly make up for lost time.

You feel completely prepared for today's big step, even if you hadn't really seen it coming!  You may need to help a friend or loved one come to terms with it, but that's what you're best at.

Posted By Chris

Take that chip off your shoulder and take some of what we say to heart.

You're getting what you asked for so saying the devil made you do it won't solve your problem this time.  The only way to avoid what is about to come is to be as intellectual and calculating as possible.

Show your friends what you're made of today, you don't always have to go along with the lowest common denominator!  We know you may be taking a stand just to prove that you can, and we agree there's nothing really wrong with that.

A friend has given you some really good advice, and it's time to stop feeling so defensive about it.  They want the best for you.  So its time to let go of the idea that it's because they want to tell you how to live your life.  It's because they want you to live a long and happy life.

Your student may come to you today for advice about a situation they're not sure how to handle.  Don't be shy about offering your opinion, your insight will help them make the right choice.



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