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Posted By Chris

Now would be a good time to go somewhere quiet and access all the wisdom you can muster.

There's a wealth of knowledge and experience you can tap into for your own benefit, but you have to be willing to go very deep into your own psyche this time.  Everyone needs to do this every so often.  Be your own cheerleader when it comes to your life mission and bring more positivity into your life.

Your energy has moved from your heart to your head, and it needs an outlet to balance.  Your direct involvement will give the whole process the sense of cohesion it needs.  Nurture your own sense of self.  You can do it, be both the teacher and the student.  Though you often work on the fly, you certainly know how to step back and assess the situation to see how to work things to your advantage.

Posted By Chris

Keep in mind that you may need some extra time to get where you’re going.

Any actions taken now provide a solid foundation for later interactions. You don't usually mind it when people engage you in conversation, but something feels off today.  Maybe there's malicious intent you can't quite put your finger on it.

Be persistent and follow through on all your good intentions, especially when it comes to a emotional situation.  Be genuine and have the best motives.  You’ve never been tough to talk too, and today won’t be any different.

It will be just right, in fact, because you’re feeling more than a little bit like breaking out of a rut, you’ll know exactly what to say.  Don’t decide until you absolutely have to, and get as much information as you can.

Oh, and don’t forget to keep in mind that you may need some extra time to get where you’re going.  You've become a superhero to your loved ones.

Posted By Chris

It's really up to you.

Your day could take a turn for the better or for the worse.  You must stay focused on your strengths and keep busy, and for god sake don't get frustrated by the appearance of a lack of progress.

New energies and new ideas are flowing all around you.  You feel perfectly calm about it all, and you embrace the changes that are coming.  Life is about to get a lot more interesting for sure!

It's not in your nature to hesitate, when someone in need asks for your help.  Just this once, we ask you to think before you respond. Are you being manipulated?  We feel it's in your best interest not to be so available right now.  It’s time to screen all your calls for the next week.

Posted By Chris

If you can adopt a flexible posture now, you'll be able to keep dealing with whatever arises in the future.

Travel has never been an issue for you, but once you've set down roots, you hate to move.  Well, prepare yourself, because today's unsettling energy could bring the urge to move.

You've been thinking about a change and that’s good, take a deep breath and put some of those positive thoughts down on paper.  Get ready, anything's possible.

The counter balance is if you're feeling clingy, your subconscious may rebel against what it feels as an unnecessary change at this time.  Loosen your grip and view this inner struggle as a natural part of life.

You'll find peace, and the possibility of love while you're at it.  Good times will start to flow and your career aspirations will help you to forget it's all work.

Posted By Chris

Multitasking is a sure path to frustration.

Today is the perfect day for tackling single issues and moving them forward, trying to multitask is a no go.  At the root of the problem is the details, the small details are sure to spin out of control on you.

When you want to believe someone, you'll go as far out on a limb as you can to believe them.  If a family member comes to you now with a story that some might find bizarre, you'll still give them the benefit of the doubt and do what you can to help.  The truth may be stranger than fiction, but an unbiased third party will be able to tell you if it’s really that strange.

Your someone special is going to have quite an influence over your thinking, much more than usual.  You're growing together in some interesting ways, so let go of your control issues here and enjoy.  You’re tired of the same old stories, so prepare for change.  Your career goals feel very distant, abstract, and blurry.

Here we go, as you're mind is turning over career issues by Wednesday or Thursday, you're ready to talk it over with someone, oddly enough, its about a career change.  This conversation should  be with someone you trust.   By Friday, you're so busy that you have no time to think about anything but the tasks at hand, and things go back to normal, thank God.



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