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Posted By Chris
Even though you are not feeling well try to help someone today, it’s not just that your energy is meant to be shared, you can use some new topics to draw in some new options as well.

You can do this by opening your life back up to old relationships thought gone. Let go of past issues and give a second chance to a person you’ve been on the outs. Put yourself in their place, and listen to what they say. As you know all their buttons you will benefit with little effort. They have needs, and you should try to help them with them. Your generosity and compassion will not go unnoticed, and it will ensure that the two of you rekindle your friendship. Another chance at a rewarding story to be sure.

Unfortunately sometimes there is nothing that you can do to rekindle a broken relationship. Endings are hard to do, but for every ending there will be a new beginning. That may not make a situation any easier to swallow, but rest assured you are destined for bigger and better things.




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