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Posted By Chris

Focus attention on your left-brain instead of looking at spreadsheets and calculations all day, enjoy some music.

You've got plenty of creative energy flowing right now and you should focus on that rather than the mundane realties of daily life.  So skip past all of your right-brained thinking today and focus more on your left-brained creative pursuits.  Your grey matter needs a balanced diet just like your body does, too much time spent dealing with only facts and figures is not good for you.

Don't misunderstand your friend's lack of communication as a sign of the worse.  While you may have free time right now
, this friend may be swamped at work.  Let your empathic and compassionate side come through as the Moon in Pisces lends a helping hand to the needy and disenfranchised.

Posted By Chris

You need to switch perspectives because the situation is changing faster than you can see!

The broader your point of view, the more likely you are to adjust in time.  This is one of those days when you need all your smarts in order to steer clear of emotional and psychological storms, particularly in the morning hours when Mercury in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius which could have a tendency to obscure your clarity.  Signing legal contracts and making long-term agreements is not advised today.

Fortunately, the monthly Moon in Aquarius occurs at the same time, and well help to heal old wounds and pains.  Caution against eccentric impulses while someone tries to pick your brain about a problem they are trying to solve.  Give this person some of your time, and get ready for an interesting conversation, they have a lot of questions you have never considered before.

Posted By Chris

Your mental energy is up to almost any challenge.  But we recommend you sit down make yourself comfortable and really think things through.

As your schedule loosens up and everyone is happily off doing their own thing, maybe it's time for you to do your own thing, too.  This is a wonderful time to schedule a long weekend retreat for yourself, taking some time to think about your life and where you are going.  You might think that this is a luxury, that you should not indulge, but it is one you should indulge in.

Too many other people have been the focus of your life.  Right now, the central focus should be you.  It's a good time for deep thought and for setting a few new goals.

You think the universe's ideas and plans are set in stone, but they are actually very open to change.  In fact, they can be radically influenced, and by you.  So speak your mind, and then watch the effect that you can make.

Posted By Chris

Every relationship is important, whatever you do don't burn your bridges.

You never know when your colleague will suddenly be made an authority.  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly it's going to be one of those lessons.  The good news is that things won't get too out of hand, but the flip-side of this lesson is this time you'll have to struggle to maintain their interest.

It looks like their world really needed a shake up, and in a good way they've got it!  They'll soon show you that there are different ways of approaching the problems that you too will face.  This is a positive person, not someone you should feel intimidated by or afraid of.  Their background is different from yours, and could trigger some silly suspicions that you must immediately push aside.  Think the best of all the experiences they have shared with you, each of them has had something good.

A new point of view on your relationship could be just what you need to help make an important decision you've been wrestling with for a while.

Posted By Chris

Spend as much time as you can around the people in your life who radiate power and confidence.

You've got more on your mind than you are letting on, don't worry about that, your right this isn't the time to be fully forthcoming to everyone.  The best way to get the inspiration you need in your life, is to watch someone who is manipulating reality to their benefit.  Learning more about how they do what they do will either provide you with a useful blueprint, or help you see that you can also create the path you really want to go down too.



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