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Celebrated on May eve or the 1st of May

Beltane is the celebration of fertility, fruitfulness and the coming of summer.  The sacred Marriage and union of the God and Goddess.  It's a time when everything is starting to grow and coming into bloom.  It's the last of the spring fertility festivals, and is a time when all prepare for the warm months ahead.

Posted By Chris

Look in the mirror, you'll see evolution in progress.

The more adaptable you are, the more likely you are to survive the coming storm.  So don't be too picky when we dole out assignments.  Today your lesson will find you craving intellectual stimulation.  Beware of being sarcastic or teasing other people, they are far too likely to take you seriously.  As a rule you usually adopt a more opinionated attitude if left on checked.  Certain situations today people are just going to rub you the wrong way, and you're not going to be too shy about talking about it!

You can't put a lid on your feelings just to make other people happy.  But generally, you're way too diplomatic to say things out loud that will be deemed offensive or inappropriate in anyway.  So it shouldn't be a big issue but it can be.  It's easy for you to back-pedal, but it's easier still to avoid situations in which waste your time and energy.

Posted By Chris

You'll have no trouble getting started today.

Starting out is okay it's your follow through that is lacking.  It's time to throw away your old to-do list and start a new one.  There is some stuff on it that holds you back.

Being honest with yourself will make a huge impact.  If you can face someone and tell them your honest feelings, you'll strengthen the connection you have with them.  You'll also enjoy the taste of your impressive personal strength.  This rush of adrenaline can be addictive.

Let go of the false security of the white lies you tell yourself.  Embrace the direct approach: It will give you all the power you need to get what you want out of life.

Try, try as you may, taking yourself seriously, especially in matters of emotions is possible.  Someone you know and admire shares your disdain for all things sweet and sappy.

The whole world might be in a foul mood, but that doesn't have to affect you.  As long as you're willing to go against the flow you can do it alone, and you can get plenty of things accomplished.

Posted By Chris

Don't let your imagination go wild!

You may be over thinking a situation where your family is involved.  If you have concerns about their behavior, asking them directly will be better than letting your imagination go full throttle.  You love new ideas and today throws a few new curve ball your way.  It's a good time for you to ask friends and family to see if they can also dream up a few new ideas.

Getting into a long conversation with an intellectual heavyweight will be entertaining and enriching for you today, and nowhere near as intimidating as you fear.  You have just as much to bring to a conversation as this other person does, in fact we believe you have even more.  It's time to stop selling yourself short and assuming that all your ideas and experiences are not as relevant.  You have come along way in a very short time.  Open up and share your honest opinions.

Posted By Chris

You're sweet as candy, until things stop going your way.

Then comes out the anger, and the crazy accusations, even if nothing is really going on.  Someone you're romantically linked to is liable to get caught in the crossfire, so be careful where you aim your ire.

A new person in your life is sparking some questions that you are not use to, like where are you going?  Who are you going to see?  Answers won't come easy.  If they do, you're probably just telling them what you think they want to hear.  So just let these questions simmer for a while and don't put too much pressure on yourself to find an answer right now.

You don't feel comfortable answering questions, you prefer to let things be as they are.  Today, though, you have to speak out about something that doesn't sit well with you.  If you observe this friend acting strangely today, don't ignore it.  You don't have to act on it right away, but remember that information, and see if you notice a pattern.  Sooner or later you will come to some conclusions.  Just relax and trust yourself.



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