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A recent dream that is work-related will give you valuable insight into a persistent problem.

What images do you see, better yet, what do you remember?  Step back, and think about it, view things from a wider perspective, and they will suddenly become clear.

You're in the mood to chat, in a big way.  You're feeling so talkative in fact, that you're not especially concerned with who you're talking with.  That can make for some amazingly entertaining conversation with strangers, some of whom may end up becoming good friends.

Caution not to inadvertently let the wrong cat out of the bag, though, if you're chatting with someone who knows less than they're letting on, or if its not supposed to be common knowledge, keep quiet.

Sometimes having what's called great intuition or psychic powers is simply a matter of really tuning in to what's going on a round you.  Engage your powers of observation when it comes to your relationships, and a revelation just might follow.

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I finally understand, enlightenment comes with a huge price tag, that doesn't involve money or my life, it costs my soul.


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Your energy is just right for making things happen even when you are afraid they are impossible.

You're considering tackling bigger projects and meeting new people today, and loving every moment of the action!  You're going to be able to figure out just about anything thrown at you even your friends deepest weirdness.  If you apply yourself, things will clear up pretty quickly and you'll move forward with ease.

You've finally recovered from an old trauma, but it wasn't easy, and you don't want to go through anything like it ever again. Fortunately, events like those that took place then are quite rare in your story now, as will what you go through in the near future, for entirely different reasons.

There's a very interesting person on the horizon, someone you may actually find fascinating enough to think about getting to know better.  If you're game, go for it, as there's no doubt that they will be too.  There’s a group of suitors jostling for position possibly even fighting over you, even if you can't see them all that clearly yet.

It’s time to schedule a meeting with the higher-ups to clarify your goals and tasks.  It could be just small-scale adjustments to procedure or it could be a request for greater responsibility.  Either way, it’s time to speak up.

Posted By Chris

You've got lots going on, and there's no need for you to take life any deeper than it has to go.

It’s okay to have fun, so try to keep your mood light today.  Your normally action drama may be exhilarating, but they're not the most sustainable or healthiest ways to live long term.

As you get a little older and wiser, you have come to realize that life is more satisfying when it's at least somewhat stable.  Some well-meaning person will give you some relationship advice.  If you feel like they just don't get it, consider thanking them for their thoughts, rather than debating about it with them.

What comes with wisdom is you know there's always a way to get your point across without saying a word.  Your specialty is communication.  If you're not in the mood to chat, which is sort of weird for even you, but can certainly possible, you’ll find a way.  You know that you can say more with a glance, or by leaving things unsaid, than most people can say along with pictures.

Authority figures of all kinds will be hard to work with for the next few days, so try to lie low and keep from attracting too much attention from the powers from above.  You may want to focus on finishing up projects in your personal realm, before moving onto work that involves others.

Posted By Chris

Ask hard questions and you’ll receive difficult answers.

You want to provoke deeper thinking from those around you.  Though it won't be comfortable, and it will end up producing high-quality tension.  You need to avoid any tendency toward overconfidence today.

Make sure to be clear about scheduling issues, since miscommunication can make the best plans go awry today.  Your energy is fully engaged, it maybe more so than most others.  It's one of those days when you’d have fun debating every issue with others, but they’re not interested.

You have to go out at some point today, no matter what.  Of course, if you're still fighting the urge to stay home, go out on your own terms, you need to build up some discipline with yourself, even though it might be a good time to blow off something that seems important.



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