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Posted By Chris

It all comes down to timing.

You've got some serious hopes for the future, and it's all most time to make them come true.  You might need fresh new ideas, to help you get there.  Timing is will be everything when it comes to your success.  You need to stop trying to rush things!  Whether you're eager to hear about prospects, or impatient about the end result, you always find out the hard way that you don't have any influence in your situations.  Your hopes and wishes, no matter how strong they are, cannot make the universe your slave.  Our long term goals to do something that are not part of the plan, will not happen.  Relax and focus on something else.

Today the stars are on your side in matters of communication, if you have a concern, you'll have no trouble communicating it.  Talk to people as if you are in love with them.  The words you speak to your loved one will sound like poetry to them.  They may start out all talkative and fiery, so don't forget the power of the heart has no boundaries.  Don't hesitate to remind yourself that love conquers all.

One way to get yourself into trouble is by going overboard.  Too much of a good thing can also send you falling into the psychic doldrums with your heart on your sleeve.  The jury is still out on this case whether this situation will result in a crisis or not.  To be on the safe side, hedge your bets and keep going forward at a moderate pace.  Giving you extra enthusiasm to get the lesson over with is energy from a Moon-Mars flowing trine in fire signs.  Think about a friend who is a fire sign and ask yourself what they would do in your situation?

Posted By Chris

Focusing on the problem this way is not going to solve it.

It's too easy to get frustrated with the pace of the day, but you might be able to figure out a few new ways to calm down and see things for what they really are.  Is it time time for a new direction?  If so, try by start to let go of all the things you don't like about your life, and focus on the things you do like about your life.

The more you think about your problems, the more power you are giving them.  So today, put a smile on your face and be confident, that you can turn the issues around.  And if you don't feel confident enough, then fake it until you do!  Sometimes it just takes a few days of pretending, to trick yourself into believing.  If you can convince yourself of your value, then other people will be convinced of it too, and then poof, all of a sudden things start changing in the direction you are focused.

It's the little things that keep the spark in a relationship.  A kind word once in a while and they'll be thinking of you all day.  They will tell you they wanted to get you all fired and moving in another direction, but they didn't expect you to burst into flames.

Posted By Chris

Everyone is clamouring for attention.  The person who's the most calm in the midst of all the noise will get noticed.

You long for a big change in your life, and we admit its been a long time coming, but we assure you, that big change is on its way.  It's a good time to try way-out ideas and see what happens, because you can bring the change faster if you push.

A big question right now is, are your career goals set too high?  Being so focused on such major challenges could be causing some disruption and slowing downs in the overall change that you expect.

Today try not to take your frustrations out on people who have nothing to do with them.  Putting things into their proper perspective will help you maintain a happier personal life.  Find ways to express your anger more creatively.  Its time to start shaking up things in your life like, by trying new ways of doing everyday tasks.

Posted By Chris

There's way too much psychic static in the air today for you to communicate clearly.

Caution when someone close to you tries to tell you something important.  Think long and hard before you answer them.  The lesson today is about learning how to use your charm to get ahead in your story.  So far you have experienced some success so overall, this should be an easy lesson or will it?  The lesson is about how to win people over to your cause without upsetting them.  Your smile has taken you far right, so don't be shy about taking the next step and making positive comments to others.

Today your workload will ramp up.  Things will begin to get hectic, so make sure you have a chance to relax and chill out when you get the chance. 
After several days of turbulent energy flows, the universe will begin to calm down as the Moon arrives in Pisces.  Be a little more compassionate and nurturing to the disenfranchised during this period.  The will be ready to listen.

Tonight it will be a good idea make sure your dream journal is near your bedside to record any vision or thoughts you might have upon awakening.  Your dreams will be amplified tonight during the Last Quarter Sun-Moon Phase of Gemini and Pisces.

Posted By Chris

It's time to see if you can get your ideals back in line with your life or at least try to extend them somewhat.

We know you are not comfortable with the balance, so you need to have words with someone close about how you feel.  Go into this discussion with an open mind.  Things may not be as you think they are, and the answer to the issue could be something you haven't considered.  In the end you'll be able to work the issues out.

You will feel intimidated by an intellectual who just pops into your story.  Don't be!  The more they talk about how much they know, the more obvious it will become that they don't really know what they are talking about.  So just for now let them have the spotlight, and they will quickly prove to everyone just how smart they really are.

Take another look at someone you work with.  There is something different.  Did they get a makeover or is it just a new attitude that they are supporting?



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