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Posted By Chris

You may need to apologize for something that really isn't worth it.

Someone close to you completely fails to understand you when you are joking, its awkward!  Their behavior starts out rubbing you the wrong way, and the friction that ensues is surprisingly stimulating.  You're still in a good frame of mind for disagreements, so its your choice if you go there.

To get rid of the negative energy during the psychic storm all you have to do is get into a conversation with someone who usually annoys you, and then challenge them to change your mind about something you disagree about.  Putting them to the test will use up most of the negative energy.

Caution here not to use up your positive energy in the process, and you'll make them squirm.  This can be a day of fun and the conflict can keep you laughing and learning all day long.

If you play your cards right, this time-period when the storm is waning can constitute a bit of a reprieve from the cosmic craziness that has descended on Earth since the cosmic happenings started last week last week.

Posted By Chris

Yesterday's psychic storm was the first of several waves before the end of the month.

Nothing too serious is going on right now, so you may want to decide to put off some important business until the storm passes.  Saturday is when things will go back to normal as the awkward cosmic influence subsides.

Just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean you can't get along with them.  In fact, they could end up being an ally.  Think about it, if you choose not to interact with this person, you'd have a very boring life.

Your joking around with people may fall flat when they take you a little too seriously.  Let them know you're only teasing and you're just tossing ideas around, but everyone is taking it so personally.  There's a difference between arguing and debating, but the celestial storm that is taking place has some people not understanding the distinction.

Posted By Chris

Don't miss out on something unexpected because you're bent out of shape.

You have made a to-do list, but have you made a to-don't list.  Everything you're doing that gets in the way of productivity belongs on it. Check it from time to time, and be honest about your progress and things will work out fine.

You don't have to spend a lot of good quality time to get what you need its the what you want that's taking all of your time and energy.  In this case you are far better off going cheap.  Status doesn't matter at this point, what does matter is the status of being a smart shopper.

You're feeling insecure about a friendship because you haven't seen or won't see this person for a while.  Call them and see what's up.  If they already have plans, don't worry.  If you get too possessive about your relationship, you only send a message that you are needy and too reliant on them.  They'll start to feel as if you're clinging too much and this will do more harm than good.

If you're not getting what you want in this relationship based on your terms, you might get bent out of shape.  But don't miss out on something unexpected because of it.  Lack of resources is at the root of the thriftiness.  Think of ways you can both save money together, and then use some of your emergency fund to treat yourselves to something special.

Posted By Chris

Accept yourself for who you are!

When you accept yourself, connecting with other people will get much easier, mostly because you are feeling more comfortable about yourself.  Accepting yourself for who you are and for what you bring to any relationship, is your next lesson to be learned.

Meeting new people will be easy for you right now because you're ready to reach out and share a little bit of yourself.  The fear of rejection has slowed you down in the past but that fear is now fading into obscurity.

More people than usual, will start coming your way and you'll love it!  You may run into someone today you don't know very well, but you have met once or twice in the past.  Try to get to know them somewhat better, and you won't be sorry!

Enjoyment for life is at your fingertips, and if you want you can work your magic on as big a crowd of people as you want.  Locate the largest party or get-together, then plant yourself in the center of all the energy for an interesting experience.

You're working on your future, whether you know it or not.  Don't worry about following through on old projects right now.  It's a good time to open up to new ideas.

Posted By Chris

Your inner strength is stronger than ever!

Right now, you only choose to see negative.  See if you can get yourself to open up and reveal the positive.  You will be far more happier if you accept some guidance from within.

You're not going to be up for helping out other people today.  It's not a selfishness thing; it's just that you are too busy and won't have enough time while you work on yourself.

There are real limitations on your resources right now, so don't take on anything new, you will definitely regret it, probably before the end of the day.  Stay focused and avoid associating with people who need your help.  Let them figure out their own answers.

Obstacles that might stop a lesser spiritual-seeker in their tracks are no match for your perseverance, and ability to recover using your quick mind.

You have strengths that you are not aware of.  If you're wondering what they might be, ask your mentor.  They see things in a way that you don't see in yourself.  Be prepared to be enlightened!

The gaps in your knowledge should be seen as opportunities rather than weaknesses.  So it's imperative that you be forthright about who you are, and who you are about to become will be reveled!



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