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Posted By Chris

You need to absorb the situation fully before you can really make any decisions.

We ask you to check and double-check, and try not to run off half-cocked, and once you know what's really going on, your decisions and actions should be, and will be final.

Relationships can be quite difficult to manage, like people, a relationship can often develop a personality all of it’s own, and once it has, well good luck controlling it.

For the past few weeks, you've been trying to keep one of these relationships on a short leash, but it hasn't been cooperating at all, and it isn't getting any tamer.  Whether it's platonic, romantic or professional, it's still a challenge to keep it out of the danger zone.

You need to hear someone’s story all the way through before taking action.  There's no need to go off the deep end, and actually you might find that the situation changes quite a bit once it’s out in the open.

Anyone who can't think big or see the bigger picture can’t hold your attention for very long.  You're attracted to those who can meet you on some higher ground, and if they can challenge your views, so much the better.

You'll need to build bridges first thing tomorrow morning, those alliances will come in handy later on in the week.  Don't hesitate to roll with the punches if they start triggering you, remember we’ve got your back.

(This message is for me.)

Posted By Chris

You’re about to meet someone who's looking for what you have to offer.

Life gets more and more interesting as you push the envelope.  You’re out there for sure at the forefront of insanity, and the people in your sphere of influence are now taking notice.  They’re finally watching with some serious appreciation.

A burst of mental energy later today will give you a renewed sense of purpose, not to mention more energy and a zest for life, something you’ve not felt in quite a long time.

Your energy levels should be on the rise and give you plenty of reason to be happy about.  This will help with your basic good nature, in fact, you should see firsthand how your kindness will lead back to you by you receiving kindness when one of your good deeds inspires someone in turn.

Your stress is coming from your intolerance to others small-mindedness.  The problem is your own outlook is quite broad and your heart is quite generous.  Ask us the right questions and you will receive the right information on what to do.

You’re totally fired up and enthusiastic about some new project or person in your life, caution not to let this new project consume your attention completely.  Unchecked by the end of the day, you ought to be obsessed.

(This message is for me.)

Posted By Chris

Speak softly and use your big brain instead.

It’s time to slow down in your negotiations.  You will get a hint of what it's like to be famous in some small way today.  Someone will recognizes you for what you've done.  It's not your usual style to pull back, but when the attention comes, you will retreat, and that’s okay because we cautioned you that by the end of the work week you would be pulling back because of the energy flip-flop.  You can afford to take more time here to check out all the details, so don't hesitate to solicit opinions from those you trust.

When giving yourself more time, don't forget to keep communicating about what's on your mind flowing.  Try to ground your natural showmanship with some solid knowledge.  You're quite proud of everyone you care for, and that goes double for those you've worked hard to keep close.  Whether they're a newly acquired friend or they've been with you for a very long time, you've worked equally hard to keep them nearby.  Spend some time with your most beloved people and your favorite possessions.  You may feel a bit materialistic if you chose to spend more time with your possessions, but that’s okay.

(This message is for me.)

Posted By Chris

You’ve completed your latest lesson, it’s time to show the world what you're capable of.

The good thing is, your energy is very high right now so we know you can handle the shift in energy.  As we cautioned the other day, it's a good idea as the week comes to an end, that you take a step back.

Your deepest feelings, especially those related to your anger issues are very easy triggered by others at the moment. If you want to keep your emotions under wraps, you really have only one option: that is to make yourself scarce!

If you can't get away from it all, try to warn anyone you're spending time with that you're not willing to take any crap without a fight.  Trying to push you into something right now is simply an exercise in futility.

You're becoming an expert at figuring out exactly what someone wants from you and then transforming yourself to match their desires. Make sure that you don't get so caught up in their “needing you” that you lose sight of your own mission goals.

Life is going to get better from now on, and you now know it, it’s okay to celebrate, but always keep in mind that you will attract some weird attention from outside your comfort zone.

A quick about-face might allow you the opportunity to laugh off the stress pretty quickly, but you will confuse and possibly anger the powers that be.  We suggest you watch your back, and the shadows that appear from nowhere!

(This message is for me.)

Posted By Chris

“Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

My report on my learning how to be a biker. I recently moved up to my next level of licensing and this gave me the right to ride on major highways.  This past weekend I had my maiden ride on such a major highway and traveling at a top speed of of 120 Km/h (75 mph), I shortly there after purchased the patch for my leather jacket “Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.”  I use to think riding a roller coaster was scary!  :-)



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