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Posted By Chris
Scheduling conflicts seem to be insurmountable, but they aren’t. One of your most ambitious goals to date feels like it’s faltering. It’s time to swallow your pride and ask for the help you need. Take some time in the early day to gather your thoughts, and wait for all the questions to formulate. You've got all the answers, but now all you have to do is wait for the right questions to be asked.

You need to stretch your capabilities further than you're used to, and that can be good thing. A compromise is warranted, so be prepared to give a little bit more than usual, your willingness to be flexible will be remembered by someone who can make things happen at a later date. You're not aware of all that’s in play, so it’s important to pay attention to all of your actions, and do what’s honourable and you will succeed.

Posted By Chris
Your patience is sure to be tested today as people around you lose their temper, as wires get crossed and stress levels rise. Do what you can to hold it in or to vent in a healthier way.

You posses an unpredictable temperament, and so you must guard from unleashing those qualities, as you will be drawn into others emotions that are running on high right now since there’s absolutely no way to predict what might happen. Do your best to react as you always do, spontaneously and with heart, and do your best to help everyone else do the same.

Your work habits are spilling over into your home and hobby life. When you find yourself fighting over available minutes, you’ll find yourself shutting down and possibly becoming ill once again to find sometime to take a breather. Seek out an old friend, as a way to change the energy, you’ll find them in good spirits when you do reach them, that is in part because you put yourself out there.




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