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Posted By Chris

Are you nervous about doing less and thinking more?

It's true, you're anxious every now and then, but with so much idle time on your hands coming up, you will have more time to think so it will happen more often, it might be time to look for the source.  There is a ton of high energy circulating around you and your sphere of influence right now, so get ready to have a good day.  You will be drawing off the good vibrations and affecting everyone you meet in a positive way.  This good energy will help you to see everyone in the best possible light.  So conversely it's a great day for making a major purchase, because you and the sales associate's energies will be in synch.

Today is all about coming up with good ideas without creating an overload or avalanche of ideas and then launching them successfully.  Don't worry there is no need for you to follow through on any one of them today that should help.  You have been keeping part of your life separate from someone important to you.  But if a situation continues to have you stumped for new ideas, try running the problem by them.  Their fresh approach may help you see another answer.

As the start of a workweek begins, today has some good points and several negative points from a cosmic perspective.  While the Moon's entry into Gemini is beneficial to communications, especially business and financial decisions.  The Sun-Neptune alignment has a confusion producing component.  Therefore, you need extra caution and care when signing any agreements right now.  It's wise to wait until clarity returns and that will not be until Thursday.  Later on, today disheartened conditions are forecast in affairs of the heart due to a Mercury-Juno connection.  While this connection can lead to illumination between significant others, the darker side of this energy can create angry feelings that well up from deep emotions and interfere with your normal positive feelings towards this person.

Projecting negativity on dear ones is to traverse down the low road in a relationship.  Use words for healing and comfort not to denigrate and belittle.  Keep some flexibility for the future when you will need this persons unconditional friendship.

Posted By Chris

Your lesson here is to reach your full potential, and now that you near your goal, their fear of you will become even greater.

You've been misunderstood again. Your friends and family think that you’re mentally ill, and they even offer to help you make the things they perceive done wrong, righted. They clearly have no idea what you are going through. It might time for you to accept that they will never understand the truth, and you’re better to go it alone.

Even though you want more out of life for them, you are beginning to see that the things that you think will help them, now only help to scare them even deeper.  Slowly one by one you’re forced to revaluate each person to find out their importance to you, as they now openly fight you for control.

Posted By Chris

Let someone know what you want.

Sit down with the one you care for and have a heart-to-heart talk about your hopes and dreams.  You may have more things in common than you realized.  Once you've talked about them, you can focus on making your dreams come true.  It couldn't hurt and they might be able to help in ways you don't yet know about.  Even though you don't realize it life is getting sweeter, but you do need to help it along from time to time.

Your newest friend is still in the process of getting to know you.  They have some advice that you might want to hear, so try to meet up with them so you can discuss it.  You'll find that what they have to say will match up with how you feel .

A new set of astrological alignments comes into the picture today and you need to deal with helping to make you feel better.  However, be aware that the Moon begins a short void cycle at late tonight.

Posted By Chris

My world has shattered apart around me.  My parents are dead. My sisters and brother have become strangers, and my senses that were once sharpened by family arguments have disappeared.


My day has no attraction, and my nights are free.  Like an empty warehouse of darkness, I wait for the shipment of new family to appear.


My world is no longer expanding but now contracting.  My hopes and dreams are filled with fear.  My friends have become strangers, and my conversations that where once exploding with emotions are now imploding in silence.

My nights have no attraction, and my days are free.  Like a warehouse of empty vastness, I wait for the shipment of new friends to appear.

My life is gradually retreating inward following a lifetime of expansion, I do not die, but I pathetically wait for something new to appear.

Posted By Chris

Wake up, your on cruise control!

You're not going to be able to get much done today, but you should be able to indulge your creative imagination.  See if you can dream up a new project to get you motivated!

Your goals, and your wishes, are your own, you cannot expect others to keep you motivated.  If you are no longer hungry to prove yourself, then why pretend that you are?  The extra effort that you are expending will diminish shortly.  To re-start your engines now to re-capture the momentum will only make you miserable, and there will be no payoff at the end.  Remind yourself why you chose the path you chose, and stop focusing so much on what others think.  Happiness has nothing to do with how they feel about you.  It has everything to do with following your own heart.

Lots of ideas and emotions are swirling around in your life right now.  If it seems too complicated, wait a few days.  You'll find some clarity by the end of the week.  Of course this wait frustrates you.  Who wouldn't be frustrated if they were dreaming about change but not doing anything about it?  Transformation is within your reach, if you start to make an effort, but you have been gliding along on cruise control for the past little while.  Now that Mercury is picking up speed moving direct, everything will start to pick up speed and change.



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