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Posted By Chris

Just because someone rejects one of your ideas doesn't mean that it's a bad idea.

You need to consider the fact that this person is simply not smart enough to comprehend your brilliance!  Move on to another person or group of people and see what they think of your ideas.  If they also don't like your ideas, guess what you should do?  You should keep moving forward on to someone new until your ideas turn them on!  In other words, if you know you've got something good to share, then keep on going with it.

Today is the perfect day for handling anything like bills and other paperwork.  Even if nothing is coming due, you may be able to set them up so on the day they come due and your energy is low, the bills are taken care of automatically.

After a few weeks of struggling, all of your plans are starting to fall into place.  Celebrate your accomplishments with your friends, and know that things are going to get even better.

It would be great to report that the cosmic influence today is coming up positive, but that is only partially true.  Mercury enters creative Leo until August 10th and even though Mercury is not a planet of romance, its presence in Leo can help you communicate loving thoughts to someone near and dear to you.

Try to accomplish everything on your to-do list before the Moon squares Neptune later this evening because it will create a somewhat confusing lunar connection that begins a void cycle that lasts until early tomorrow morning.  It's best to finish old business on a high note once the void lunar cycle begins instead of initiating bold ventures that can backfire against you.

Posted By Chris

Before you take that next step, you need to step back, and take another look at things.

In general your mind is perfectly attuned to accepting new ideas in your life.  Is this one of those times when you should change your mind? 
You can see what needs to be fixed in your life right now, and you are starting to come to the conclusion that things need to be radically changed if you are going to get to where you want to be, so don't get scared, get empowered!  You know you need to do it, and you know how to do it, so do it!

Sure, change is uncomfortable and you know it might take more time than you want to spend, and you know that ultimately it will cause some conflict in your life.  But you will feel much happier once things are the way you want them to be. 
You've been neglecting your intellectual side, and only working with the emotional side.  It's a good time for deep thought.  So make an appointment with yourself, there is a good chance you may come out of it with a whole new perspective.  With a fresh new perspective and thoughtful insight, you'll be able to help yourself find the answers you've been looking for.

Today's cosmic influence is the Full Moon that is being affected by both Cancer and Capricorn.  While this is not that dramatic, or illuminating, it can represent a struggle between opposing principles, in real life possibly a tug of war between individuals.  This morning starts of with a void lunar cycle that lasts until the Aquarius Moon. The lunar orb in the eleventh house suggests that it may be time to veer away from conservative approaches to problem solving.  Innovation, experimentation and improvisation is needed more than ever.


Posted By Chris

If you need support from others, expect to wait and wait while they make excuses.

There's just no way to speed things up for others to come to your aid.  It's a good time for solo projects.  The problem here is people have been making a lot of assumptions about you lately, and today you will need to clear up some of their confused ideas.  Let them know who you are and what you are all about.  But keep in mind that the most effective way to make them understand you isn't by talking it's by actions.  Your actions speak louder than words, so do the right thing today.  No one will ever again think that they can predict how you're going to react.  Keep them guessing.

You have a special connection that you share, with a very strange person; you need to let them know that their secrets are safe with you.  Those same undercurrents that make you unpredictable also make you as fearsome as a rip tide.  This will cause them to try and have authority over you, the time to act is now.  Unless of course you don't mind them pushing you down the path?

The cosmic influence today is a positive energy influencing a the psychic atmosphere.  As the Moon approaches Jupiter in Capricorn this conjunction is the leading force behind a kind of expansion of consciousness that should occur, but sometimes there is disappointment leading up to the event because expectations are driven too high.  Over-optimism can be your undoing, because its the shadow side of excessive confidence that can at times border on arrogance.  Therefore, it doesn't hurt to inject some humility into your dealings throughout the day by giving thanks to the universe when positive opportunities come your way.

Be on the lookout for helpful financial advice coming from a female as Venus makes a subtle and yet a very important connection to Saturn.  Electronics, and technology are back, ideas about buying an iPhone or iPod will be overwhelming, strive for a balance in situations such as this.  A friend is in need of your healing thoughts and prayers, are on the skids.  The universe wants to deliver a message tonight using vivid dreams so keep a notebook by your bed and prepare to record messages.


Posted By Chris

A tinge of doubt is beginning to surface.  If you have a hunch, the truth will only come out if you deal with it.

Life is a bit more difficult than you originally expected it to be.  Take note the situation is only temporary, so don't panic.  You're up to the challenge and you will be able to draw on our support for unexpected resource needs.

You are in an excellent position to help one of your colleagues today, although it might not be the most convenient time for you right now.  It will not take very much of your resources.  This is one of those times when you can easily prove that you are there for the good times as well as the bad times.  Step forward and don't let them down.  You'll be glad you did.

You're pretty good at reading others signals, but lately someone's signals have been confusing you.  If you're having trouble reading between their lines, you may need to try the direct approach and ask them what's going on with them.  Nuance is everything.  A tinge of doubt and you become confused, ask more questions.  If you have a hunch, the truth will quickly come to the surface.

The cosmic influence is the arrival of the Full Moon in two days.  Now is a good time to start thinking more about your higher destiny and how you can be of greater service to others who like you thirst for enlightenment.  The Moon in Capricorn reminds you to start putting more energy back on your long term career plans.  Put old worries, fears and self-doubts behind you.  Reflect on the real-life lessons that your mentors and teachers have learned while they gained their experience.  Gear up for an infusion of positive energy tomorrow morning when the Moon finds solace by blending its sensitive energy with the comforting energy Jupiter.

Posted By Chris

Today is all about mining the depths of your soul.

You need to keep digging and digging until you've reached the right depth.  Whether it's at work or in your relationships, you should find that you're happier in the long run if you keep working at it.  If you feel you're not getting to the depth you want.  It's time to stop nagging and try some sweet talking with others.  Kind words and a calm demeanour always go a lot further than complaining.

If you're dealing more than one person today, you can expect to be held back in terms of your progress.  One person in today's the mix is going to be a little bit more interested in what they can get from you.  Don't let yourself get upset when you have to depend on other people, the real issue is your high expectations.  Resist the urge to take over their share of the work, just to get through the stress of it.  Just stick to your own responsibilities. It might take longer to get things done, but its time you set a new benchmark.

The cosmic influence for the past day of good vibes is coming to an end.  As a potential psychic storm when the Sun makes an abrasive connection to Mars moves in.  The Sun will also be affected by Neptune.   Under this influence confusing energies will have you, retreating from crowded locations.  Its advisable to postpone serious business meetings and refraining from talking too much during this period of time.



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