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Posted By Chris

You're the master of communication, though you don't always realize it.

Today lesson is to reach down deep, and try to express your heartfelt emotions to the people who matter most to you.  The results will please you!

Emotions might be running high, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Think of it as a sign that it's time to do some mental house cleaning, especially when it comes to feelings or something you have for someone.  You've been putting off dealing with the issues at the heart of the matter.

Address this situation now, and the future looks bright ahead.  Avoid it, and it may keep cropping up in your life in increasingly uncomfortable ways.  The choice is ultimately yours.

Pay close attention and don't rush when you can take your own sweet time.  You'll notice things that you've been missing, we can guaranty they are important issues when it comes to matters of the heart.

What kind of things do you do in your daydreams?  Share those fantasies with your special friend, and enlist their help to make them reality.  Don't be afraid, if you can dream it, you can have it!

Block out the busybodies.  We understand that it's hard to attend to the little details when certain persons are doing their best to distract you.  Or is it to derail you?  Whatever their motive, the results are the same.

Posted By Chris

Creative inspiration is all around you, you just have to keep your eyes and mind open to it.

Progress will be slow and painful today.  It's as if the summer heat has drained the energy out of every one.  Keep your expectations low and know that everything will return to normal soon.

In a funny way there's actually plenty of energy in the mix with a little bit of intrigue added in, which makes it quite the exciting combination for someone as curious as you.

Needless to say, love-related stuff may be rather low-key at the moment, but you've got added insight into your own feelings and desires this time.  Take a look, and note what you find, the insight will come in handy when things rev back up again.

Posted By Chris

You're having way too much fun to worry about problems.

What comes next?  Is it time for you to flirt shamelessly with that someone new?  For better or worse, someone has captured your attention, totally and completely.  You can't remember the last time you felt this way.  And there's a good reason for that: Your tired of the same old problems.

Your paired up with someone who raises the hair on your neck.  Between the two of you, creativity and leadership flow naturally.  Is it just your imagination, or are birds actually singing this persons name?  Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration.  But you can't help getting caught up in their energy.

There's just too much thinking and not enough doing.  Being intellectual is fun and all, but better yet is action.  But action leads to pain?  Soon you will have to decided between being a thinker or being a leader.  It's you who has to shake things up, so start some projects instead of just thinking about them.

Posted By Chris

You're feeling the urge to communicate with someone you really don't know.

There is the urge today to write an angry letter to someone, it might be an old friend, but its most likely someone you don't know.  There is a part of you that wants to communicate with people who you really don't know, like someone you have met on Facebook.

Plan to take a few days off.  Your friends and family aren't used to going more than a few day's without at least talking to you, so your absence will raise all kinds of red flags.

You're in the mood to disappear from the world right now, use your physic ability and call them when you know they won't be there to answer, then leave a magical message.

Endless chatter from friends who have nothing of real importance to say has left you with a low energy level.  Instead of letting this bother you, seek some solo time to be one with your thoughts.  It's okay not to always participate in mundane relationships.

Lots of little things need your attention right now.  You may want to use this as your explanation as to why you seem so distracted.  You need a break from the psychobabble, and the close quarters you're working in, as it isn't helping matters.

Posted By Chris

Keep searching through the details for the key that will help you crack the code.

You need to understand something that seems incomprehensible at this point.  The good news is your mind is up to the challenge!  Most of the world is in the mood to communicate, which is usually the exact same mood you're in.  Strangely enough, though, you're not feeling that way at the moment.

You're thinking about how nice it might be to spend some quiet time, either completely alone or with just one close friend.  You won't have to worry about being lonely.  There is someone who wants to spend time with you.

Amidst all the talking heads, what's the real message?  Your romantic challenge right now is to discern where the heart of the matter lies.  Don't be afraid to ask a serious question, and you'll get a serious answer.

Your family is where your focus should be.  Communicate with family, and fill them in on your exciting life.  Do a different kind of comprehension this time to reach a deeper level of understanding, then take ownership.



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