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Posted By Chris

Something different added to the mix will help to break up a mental or spiritual logjam that has been interfering with your flow lately.

You're work ethics have never been a problem.  You do whatever it takes to get things done, but when it's time for something different like a new ingredient, it's time for change.

In fact, for a while, you've been thinking about taking time off.  You may have come close to wandering off, and disappearing at least for a week or so.  It’s time!

Remember to temper your words when going out the door, you will want to return to work eventually.  Keep your plans flexible, and plan your activities and your agenda to suit your mood.

There is a lot of heavy subconscious business going on with you.  Talk to a good friend that you trust about what you're feeling right now before it gets to be too much.

A lot of details need attention at the moment, there are so many that you might lose the flow of your daily routine.  You'll be able to pick up the pace later on, so don't worry too much about the disruption.

Posted By Chris

Take a good, hard look at yourself, and ask yourself what needs to be improved?

Your energy is muted somewhat right now, so you've got an ideal state of mind for taking a good, hard look at yourself and the direction that you are headed in.

You're feeling extra-friendly right now, and others are certainly taking notice!  It's a really good day for you to make sure that you're in touch with the right people and making the right choices.

You're on a different kind of mission from the others.  The others want to simply have as much fun as they can with as many people as they can.

You're going to be able to sway these other people on almost any issue, no matter how contentious it may be.  All you need to do is speak from the heart, and they won't be able to resist.

Work is starting to pile up, and right now you're feeling a little overwhelmed.  Focus on completing one task at a time until you can see the top of your desk again.




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