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Posted By Chris
There once was a time when you could do no wrong, but lately all you do is incorrect. You're more of a leader than you may realize, so you must continue to take the initiative and never be afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

As friendships in your life goes, familiarity does breed contempt. What people liked about you in the beginning, over time has become over shadowed by the things they dislike.

It's said that people don't respect someone they know well enough to know their faults. This is very true as you have experienced over and over. So it shouldn't be a surprise when we say that it's time for you to pull back your energies and watch how your absence makes their heart grow fonder.

When you're always there for them through thick and thin it's easy for them to focus all their blame during a negative situation on the very one who is at the forefront.

By pulling back your time and energy spent with these people, you will not only give them the time they need to forget the things they dislike about you, it will give them the time they need to remember the things they like about you.




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