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Posted By Chris

And so it begins!

The future starts now!  If you haven't felt the shift, it's taking place.  This Labour Day weekend marks the beginning of the long term plans that you've been making with your colleagues.  They are beginning to take shape, and float to the surface.  They're even better than you could have imagined.  You should be proud of what you've achieved as a team.  Even though today's activities are pretty low-key and shouldn't be taken too seriously, at least one close colleague may need some help.  You may need to distract them with other stuff to help reduce their stress levels.

As you move forward into a whole new level of studies you need to lighten up about yourself!  No matter how good or bad things may or may not be right now, there is plenty of stuff in your life that you can feel proud about.  So stop dwelling on the worries that are swirling around in your head of the woes that might come.  Find ways to help create a diversion, or just be silly and avoid getting too deep into your own thoughts.

The universe influence is about taking caution about not to get sucked into a confrontation, we know this one is likely to happen but its still avoidable.  Take a pass on debating with this person even if it looks like fun.  No matter how light you keep the tone, this person will take you seriously.  There is a warning about some kind of romantic disturbance on the horizon.  What's happening is that Venus in Virgo is making a sharp square to Pluto in Sagittarius, and we all know how dangerous Pluto can be.  It will be hard to stay balanced in affairs of the heart when Venus and Pluto form this challenging alignment.

Later this evening, your psychic senses are on high-alert as the Moon trines Pluto in fire signs, but the Moon also begins a void lunar cycle that lasts until early tomorrow morning and the arrival of the Virgo Moon should help to numb things down.  You want to keep a low profile during these influences on the Moon.  Don't let your negative subconscious thought patterns surface since the Sun forms a contra-parallel to Saturn later this evening.  During this influence it's better to consider new ways to solve and reach long-sought goals.

Posted By Chris

Arguments break out all over today.

As arguments break out none of them are serious, however you may want to back down if someone close starts to get worked up, though deep down you're actually having fun.  Your confidence is getting one of two boosts coming early on in the day, which will send your ego through the roof, but while that happens, watch out for the the counter-balance and make sure that you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.  If you get too opinionated or mouthy, you could push someone away who was just beginning to like you.  So be sure to use the energy for good, and know that you can be the most charming person in the room, and others will see it that way, too.

Don't be afraid to express your opinions to your friends and family, even if you're not on the same page.  You have strong ideas, but you can learn from others and still be true to yourself.  So today the world is full of debaters, and you're just as opinionated as the next person.  Speak your mind but keep the mood light.  Someone is just itching to take things up a notch.

The universes influence today helps you to feel like you've got the world on a string, but be careful not to lose your balance.  The Moon's entry into Leo can spark new fires and keep you busy on the social front for the next few days.  With this alignment you should be able to utilize this pattern as a stepping-stone toward improving the quality of your primary relationships. It's always possible that a disagreement can arise despite your best efforts.  So remember that every word out of your mouth has the capacity to heal or harm.  Get ready for a mixed bag of emotions regarding romance tomorrow as Venus squares Pluto early Friday morning.

Posted By Chris

It's taking forever for you to get what you want.

The only thing that could possibly make you moodier is for us to say that you'll have to wait a little longer for what you want.  That's right: a little longer.  Even though others maybe needier, you are at the top of our list.  You've got to make sure that this is what you want, once you go down this path there is no going back.  Once we're sure you're not just spinning your wheels, you'll see some kind of progress for sure!

The person in power right now might not be the person who you would like to see in power, but so what?  You can, and will soon be in that same position, and someone like you will not be happy with you in charge.  This persons involvement in your life is beginning to wane, and soon you won't have to worry about them breathing down your neck.  And when you get done doing your thing, they'll be quite impressed with how focused and powerful you have become.  Today could be that day that begins a whole new phase of your relationship.

Watch out for feelings of possessiveness that might take hold of you.  You may want to be with someone very special to you, like every moment of the day, but sometimes you have to let go.  Give them some space and don't worry they'll  be back as soon as they have secured their mission.

For a good portion of the day, it may feel as though the positive vibrations of the last few days will last forever.  The Moon continues its strong movement through Cancer and inspirations flow freely.  In addition, the Moon trines Uranus early this morning inspiring you to move forward into the cutting edge of the healing and metaphysical arts.  The key alignment today is when Mercury in Virgo squares Pluto in Sagittarius taking place later tonight.  Anytime Mercury battles Pluto, verbal arguments may ensue where someone might misunderstand your meaning or taken something you say in the wrong way.

Posted By Chris

Instead of focusing on what you have and don't want, focus on what you don't need, instead.

You've got plenty of mental lists going.  The one list you don't need to refer to over and over again is your list of unwanted property.  You're impulsive just enough in this frame of mind to throw the baby out with the bath water when you are like this, so take it easy when purging unwanted things.

If you're looking to buy a gift for someone who is very special to you, spend more money than you would normally spend.  That's not to say that you should not be sensible, but it does mean that you should go a little farther to show this person how much they mean to you.  It's time to be generous and remind yourself that money is a tool to be used.  Cut back with some of your personal luxuries to make up for the extra expense, if need be.

Today's universal influence comes from the Moon in its home sign of Cancer.  This event can be a great catalyst when it comes to nurturing issues.  This is a good time to spend it in or near water, if you haven't been to the beach or a favourite water resort in a while, enjoy a visit, it will uplift your spirit.  On the home and family front, this is a good time to be as helpful as possible to loved ones that are energetically on the skids.  Show your sensitive side.  On the negative side during this period watch out for excessive moodiness that can cause you an emotional roller coaster ride and lead you astray.

Posted By Chris

You are just as busy as you want to be right now.

Things should be just about right all through the day, so keep moving forward, which gives you reason to be happy and keeps you looking forward.  This also means physical movement today is strongly advised for you.  Not only will it eat up all that excess energy you'll be carrying around, but it will be good for your health.  It will also get your heart pumping faster, so you can also feel all those good endorphins moving through your body.  You don't have to exert yourself too much, you just have to go for a walk and make sure some of the walk is slightly uphill.  You don't need to prove anything to anyone.  Just get moving and enjoy the day.

It's time to tighten your purse strings.  A less adaptable person would go under, at this point, but you will come up with plenty of ways to manage your resources.  For the next 48 hours take caution as the universe switches gears from ruthless intimidator to considerate best friend.  The main reason we say take caution is because for at least the next 48 hours the absence of challenging energy patterns can either lull you into a false sense of security or give you the necessary space to harness your higher talents and skills and have you moving in uncharted waters.

The presence of the Moon in Gemini will also offer you insights particularly as the lunar orb trines Neptune in Aquarius.  During this period your psychic sensitivity and creative imagination can give you the edge over others when business, artistic and social settings are involved.  While your mind is working overtime and ingenious ideas inundate your thought process, steer clear of temporary setbacks that can arise when the Moon forms abrasive connection with Venus, Mercury and Pluto.  The Pluto connection has the greatest capacity for turmoil because it is the monthly polarity between the lunar orb and the planet of extremes.  It also starts a void lunar cycle.  When the Moon enters its own house of Cancer.  Home and family matters will become a priority.  Childhood memories and subliminal messages will come to the surface overnight and you will feel like you have taken a step backward.



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