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You can ensure the best possible outcome if you stand firm.

You're entirely capable of talking circles around just about anyone.  While exercising your mighty powers of communication you'll also want to engage your ethics and your sense of fair play at the same time as not letting anyone bring you down.  You've got ideals, and you need to make sure that you're speaking up about them at all times.

You have no patience or time for mundane's right now.  Unfortunately, the world is filled with this type of personality.  Don't tolerate it even for a second.  The minute you sense duplicity, get your ass out of there.

If you can avoid big groups today do so they might be counterproductive, so go solo.  Engage your brain on the big issues facing you, preferably in the company of one or two other smart cookies.

Posted By Chris

You're feeling pretty intense right now, which could be good or bad.

The odds are that you're feeling positive, but if you're down, take heart.  Things should balance out pretty soon.  If anyone knows how to enjoy life, it's you, whether you're alone or in a crowd of strangers.

At the moment, however, you're energy is sort of set up to draw positive vibes towards you so prepared to attract others, and lots of them.

You may also end up attracting a person who could very well turn into more than just a friend.  Keep an eye out for someone extra friendly, maybe even a little more exotic from anyone you've ever met.

Your body language adds plenty of meaning to a conversation with a potential new friend.  Pay close attention to the nonverbal cues and subliminal signals they're sending.

Ultimately it's up to you to make something happen.  Your actions will show your your someone special how you really feel, so don't be shy about making a big fuss if you feel it's called for.

Posted By Chris

Opposites may be extra attractive today.

Be open to unusual types and use your versatile smarts to find out more about others.  A few open-ended questions could end up in a wonderful conversation.

You need to buddy up with someone today.  Left to your own devices, you may waste time or get too distracted to focus on your work.  This is one of those days, where you find yourself fantasizing all day.

Hide the credit cards, because anything shiny will draw your eye, even if you don't need it.  You don't want to be upset with yourself tomorrow.

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It's a small detail not a big one that could trip you up!

Ever taken a nasty spill because you tripped over an untied shoelace?  There's a small, issue that you might miss that can have the same effect.  It's time to take a more careful look at the small stuff.  Leave the bigger stuff to the universe to tend too.

You're on a different page now.  You're ready for some excitement, and even though you know you have to stay in balance, you really don't worry since you're definitely connected with at least one someone who'll help you find what you're after: adrenaline.

Posted By Chris

You weren't on your game last week.

That's mostly because you were concentrating on a certain someone or something and quite unable to think about much else.  Well, a whole new week is upon you, and this time out, you'll need to have your wits about you.  Even if you have to force yourself, you really must put all your energy into the moment at hand.

You'll need to deal with a health-related matter today, it might be yours or it might be a loved one's.  You're surprisingly calm about it all, considering how serious it is.  Something that's got you feeling a little bit overwhelmed emotionally (heart-wise) will become much clearer now, and in many ways much easier to deal with.  Look for an insight that will help to change your perspective.

Going through old photos, emails and love letters will spark some good memories, but it will also spark some fresh appreciation for what you have now.  In a way, all those past experiences were preparing you for this moment.  It's a good time to check in with important person and find out what their feelings are about your memories.



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