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Posted By Chris

You must focus on your career today.

By focusing energy on your career today, things will continue to get better, but they could always get even better.  Someone close to you needs you to help them out or to endorse one of their ideas, so go for it.

You're basically on fire, so remember this simple rule that angry dogs eventually quiet down and relax.  Your worst critics will start to see the truth about you and your hard work and charm will practically light your way.

You can be quite dramatic, and you should feel no shame in enjoying it thoroughly.  At the same time, try not to rub it in anyone's face, as you step over them.  Remember to use your power wisely, or it could backfire on you before you realize what's happening.

Take care and make sure that your priorities are in order and your schedule is well-managed.  You should have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

Though everything seems to be civil on the face-to-face level, underlying tensions are threatening to slow down and affect your progress in the foreseeable future.  Try to help bring the issues out in the open.




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