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Posted By Chris
You're keeping your thoughts to yourself is making life easy for certain people, so make sure that you're okay with not sharing the spotlight. It will become important what your friends and colleagues understand is important to you later next month.

Your being falsely modest, this is not like you. If you really want to impress them, point out to them what you have done. As soon as you start hiding your accomplishments, you start minimizing them and giving people an excuse to ignore them. It’s the wrong path to go down with this group, especially now.

Moderation is your specialty, and so you will defeat the urge to overindulge as the week begins. Extremes can be fun, but there’s a sweet satisfaction for you right now is knowing that you're in control by staying in balance. Over the next few days, your connection and relationships with others is highlighted.

Your genuine interest in others provokes all kinds of great responses, and your interpersonal karma just keeps getting better and better. Plan for some assorted activities this weekend to keep you busy. Your personal energy will be on an upswing.

Posted By Chris
As close friends take your presence for granted, someone else wants to spend time getting to know you better, welcome this persons energy influence. Sometimes, it’s better to stand your ground and accept a fight than to run from it. Conflict is seldom enjoyable, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary. You have to stay true to what you believe in. Otherwise, why bother believing in your mission? Face the fury of those who disagree with you, The clearer you are in your own defense, the sooner the disagreement will be over. You can also count on the strength needed to eventually help others to see that you’re correct. You can move people in the right direction when you believe in yourself. Be direct and don’t mince your words, and your followers will become in large in number, and strong in their dedication.

This new found strength will have people falling all over themselves to agree with you as you make your stand. You've got the charisma and the energy to start a mass movement if you so choose. Look beneath the surface and trust your intuition to uncover others’ true motivations. Soon you’re going to be at your adventurous, assertive best. Count on others to be dazzled by your natural warmth and charisma. Later in the week you will help out someone in need.

You’re moving into a new phase full of ideas and the energy to carry them out, so much so that you impress even yourself on the sudden turn around. Pat yourself on the back, then get back to work. You have a lot to accomplish. The book isn't going to write itself. The more intensely you focus on your goal, the sooner you’ll get done. There is nothing but good energy coming your way. Don’t hesitate to take full advantage of this moment of energy, everything is on the up swing. Feeling good will come naturally when you take great care of yourself and your health before others wants. Keep up the good work, but be careful not to make others feel bad about the fact that they just aren't anywhere near as disciplined as you are. You’ll have a really good time using your creativity for your own projects.




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