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Posted By Chris

You are incredibly busy, but it's all in a good way.

You've got plenty of energy to take care of all the little things you've got coming your way.  Even so don't forget to take a break from the rat race during the afternoon hours.  Listen to some music or visit a favorite bookstore.  This timely break will give your creative imagination a welcome boost when needed most.

Today you will be making plenty of connections, and each of them could expand your network towards a future potential career opportunity, although it may take some time to realize this future it's important to get into your mental zone and let your intuition guide you, because deep down you know who you need to meet most, and soon you'll be introduced.

Posted By Chris

Even though the energy is calm today, don’t think for a moment that the mundanes have lost their grip on reality!

There won't be much movement of energy on purpose in any direction today, whether backwards, forwards, or sideways. Your lesson during this lack of energy movement will help teach you how to mentally slip into the space that we call the gap which is located between the positive and negative energy.

Take note, just because you're not feeling the waves and the under currents of energy hitting your planet, it doesn’t mean that its not there, we are responsible for this calming of your awareness for the purpose of this lesson.  The indication that you have managed to locate the gap will be when you suddenly remember a dream that was about a premonition of the future. Your psychic sensitivity will be at its most sensitive while you linger in the gap.

Posted By Chris

It's time to feed the emotional side of you brain.

Your emotional side is hungry!  Explore music, fashion, and art the things that stimulate your mind and helps you to tap into your emotions.  This act could also serve as a convenient escape from the stresses that has been building up inside of you.  Which have left you feeling a little powerless in some arenas, so indulging in artistic pursuits will be a great way to feel more power in your life again.

Today is definitely the time to clear your desk of all that pesky paperwork.  Venus in Leo makes a square pattern.  Therefore, goddess and feminine energies are on the rise, and your job is to become incredibly prolific in your main areas of business, professional and artistic expertise.  Show stubborn attitudes the door.  Make hard work and determination into a dynamic duo that leads you to success.

Posted By Chris

It's wiser to be over prepared than it is to be under prepared.

So proofread that report one more time, and get yourself so in tune with whatever is expected of you that your responsibilities become second nature.  The less separation you have between your mind and your words, the better.  You'll feel more confident, and you'll cultivate valuable qualities that will help you to be more relaxed, and in turn you will be much more impressive.

You may not be the best at keeping secrets under ordinary circumstances, but right now you find that you're able to keep your thoughts to yourself with the best of them.  Your right to do so.  It's a good time to think about big issues.  Keep working on sending out inspiring thoughts and good vibrations to your sphere of influence.  The two days after a Full Moon are considered a period of distribution for the illuminating energies received during the climax of the solar-lunar cycle.  Be aware that a very short void lunar cycle begins at noon time lasting for only 18 minutes and by the time it ends the Moon will make a shift from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus.  This is a hint to ground your visions over the next two days.

Be prepared for a few shocks to the system as Mercury in Scorpio makes a caustic, alignment to Uranus in Pisces.  Although both of these planets are linked to mental functions like the intellect and intuition they are located in water signs, this aspect is more frictional than supportive.  Being too pushy, aggressive or behaving like a know-it-all won't endear you to others.  On the other hand, you may be able to plan for this sky pattern and use it to your advantage by using it to help you with technical work, that involves your metaphysical studies.

Posted By Chris

Don't just follow the leader, be the leader!

We admit there's a lot more power in associating with groups, so we understand how you might want to be a part of a greater group in order to feel more powerful right now.  But mob mentality is never a good thing, so if you become a member of a group today, you need to make sure that you maintain your control over your sphere of influence.  Whether you do so by being a vocal contributor to the group, or if you do it by taking the initiative in the group dynamics, it's up to you.  Just don't follow along without adding your voice!

You can expect somewhat of a mixed bag of celestial influences on this day after the Full Moon.  There is certainly good news to report as the Moon in Aries makes a flowing trine of energy.  Positive opportunities are at your disposal, whether you recognize them or not.  Helping you secure success and good fortune is Mercury's movement into psychologically astute Scorpio.  Add on a supportive, combination between the Moon and visionary Neptune and these cosmic goodies will bring manifesting powers to the surface all day.

The down side the Sun in Libra makes awkward with Pisces.  This is not the worst alignment, but it does suggest the need to think more carefully before making decisions, signing papers, and meeting with colleagues.  Your judgment could be faulty under this influence, even though everything looks okay on the surface. In the meantime, the Sun makes an abrasive connection with Neptune, any solar connection to the planet of dreams has the potential of triggering a cascade of deceptions, and illusions.  Therefore, the bottom line for today is to hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and be confident.



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