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Posted By Chris

September ends with uncertainty for the future.

You've got lots of big ideas, and fortunately you're surrounded by the right people to help you get moving on them.  The problem right now is you might walk away from them because you've got so much going on that you risk becoming overloaded.

Intelligence isn't always about what degree you've earned or what books you've read.  People don't walk around with their resume stapled to their foreheads, so when you walk into a room, assume you are on equal footing with everyone else.  In short, you are as intelligent as you believe yourself to be.  Don't let other people intimidate you, and what you have to say and contribute to a conversation is valuable, and when you share your thoughts others will see that.

Who says love needs to be serious all the time?  Your feelings for someone run very deep, but today your thoughts about them feel scattered.  There are no set rules on how you should feel about someone.  Let your heart go where it needs to.  Being of service makes you feel good, and in fact, it's good for your health and attracting good things to you.  This may be one of the better-kept secrets of life.  The lesson today is to do what you can to be of assistance to others, and not just for what you can get out of it.

Good news arrives early today as the Moon in Libra makes its monthly connection with Mercury, that connections forms a flowing trine to Neptune and also parallels Venus.  This combination can give the appearance that love vibrations are on the upswing and that it will lead your heart to real success across the board.  There can also be a surge on the communication front despite the fact that Mercury is still in reverse motion.  However, problems start to arise later in the day as the Moon makes its monthly connection with Mars followed by a void lunar cycle and then finally the arrival of intense the Moon in Scorpio.

Posted By Chris

No reason to feel overwhelmed, fifty percent of the mission is pleasing the boss.

You're prone to overwhelming people with too much information, try to measure it out in smaller doses.  Give them time to absorb it.  If anyone starts to get that glassy stare, take a step back until they're ready.

A small snafu could trigger your temper today, and leave you feeling frustrated, and maybe even a little embarrassed for losing your cool.  But later in the day, the universe will send you some high energy that will make you feel good, through your special friend who is never far from your thoughts, but today that's especially true.  A midday phone call to let them know you're thinking of them will warm their heart and give you the boost you need.

You reset your attitude and it will enable you to look at an obstacle in a new light.  Suddenly, you'll see a way around it, maybe even a short cut!  Things might get off to a rocky start, but they are sure to work out by the end of the day.  One minute things look bad, then in the next you're forced to focus on a whole new issue, are you feeling overwhelmed yet?  Don't forget fifty percent of the job is pleasing the universe and its need for balance.

The New Moon is welcome news because the old cycle is over and you can start all over again, with new opportunities to push forward again in a fresh manner for the next 4 weeks.  This New Moon is particularly suited for increasing your social, and cultural interactions.  Think more about helping a loved one instead of what you can get out of this relationship.  It's the giving and not the getting that's crucial to the law of attraction.  Amplifying this message is a Sun-Neptune connection.  This type of solar association can either increase confusion and chaos or open your heart and mind to higher energies.

Posted By Chris

You need to process some information given to you by a friend.

Something that a friend has told you may not sound like advice, but if you treat it as such, you can get quite a lot out of it.  However as close as you feel to colleagues, they're not family.  They can't read your little innuendos or understand your history of why you do what you do.  So speak in plain language whenever possible, today, and then again you're last family gathering offered some good times, but there wasn't much effective communication there either.  We suggest, for an upcoming get together, with friends or family you switch your tactics.  Instead of working so hard to stay cheerful and walking on eggshells, tell yourself that you're just going to call things like you see them.  Your family have a tremendous amount of love for you, and they can handle the truth as you see it, and colleagues, well they come and go.

Lots of little things need your attention right now.  You may want to explain that to your family and friends so they won't wonder why you seem so distracted.  Let them know they are on your mind.  Don't pay too much attention to the current chatter of them.  Lately, negative chatter seems to be taking centre stage and the last thing you should do is become part of the peanut gallery.  Ignore the buzz around you and stay focused on your goals.

Posted By Chris

Today others take something serious that you find ridiculous.

It's a pretty easy day for you, so easy that the normally intense issues feel much lighter to you.  Use the extra time and or energy for personal stuff, and enjoy the experience of just being alive.  This is the quiet before the storm.  There is no point sharing this information with others, just keep your feelings to yourself.  Even though you may be right, your attitude could come off as negative.

This is a good day to enjoy life on old planet earth.  You've got good people around you, and there are lot of good ideas forming about how to spend your time together.  Try to do something that will help you to laugh if you can, activities that take people out of their comfort zone have a way of enabling people to laugh at themselves and stop taking life so seriously.  Even strong willed people like yourself have a right to the occasional good day.  So try to stay away from debating with others, yes it never hurt anyone, but before things really get serious out there, take this break in the storm and enjoy the calm.  So today's lesson is to keep all your interactions light and breezy.

Posted By Chris

Your thinking may be quite a bit more advanced than anyone else's.

You're having a great time with family and friends, learning through debate.  If anyone takes the arguments too seriously, remind them that it's all up for debate.  Your kind-hearted nature should put everyone in a good mood.  Show your friends you appreciate them by buying them a round of coffee, or just send off a round of emails to close friends who you think could use some cheering up.  Spread the love as they say, and intensify the law of attraction to help you get that something you really want.

Making tough decisions will be easy for you today, because there will be plenty of obvious signs pointing you in the right direction.  So relax, and feel free to turn down your psychic intuition for a while.  It must be exhausting for you to try to sense things so far in advance, reading between the lines all the time, give yourself a break.  Accept what you see and what you hear as the truth, because they probably are.  Don't get too intellectual or analytical about any information you get.  Work on service to others and build the energy of the law of attraction in your favour.

You may think it's all in good fun to tease your loved one, but make sure they're in on the joke.  They may seem extra sensitive right now, because they are.  If that's the case, be gentle with them.  Keep in mind that the Moon in Cancer is void and therefore creating a certain amount of universal uncertainty until it enters strong-willed Leo early tomorrow morning.  Further more Mercury is motionless and begins a three-week retrograde cycle that lasts until October 15.  All Mercury archetypes and themes that include communication and information exchange, like letters, messages, school programs, and transportation issues are affected in dramatic ways.

Mercury is at the start of a three-week reversal, this means this celestial body looks like its not moving in the sky from earths prospective for the next three week period.  This can create problems when it comes to initiative, drive and propelling your plans forward, if you want something to happen you will have to work that much harder to get it done during this planetary influence.  The good news is the Moon moving into Leo can be a big help with helping to keep your attitude positive with breakthroughs in consciousness, and healing vibes.



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