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Posted By Chris

When a wave of nostalgia crashes over you today, you'll wish everything would just go back to normal.

What's normal?  When the fear calms down, ask yourself, were you really better off?  Be realistic you're feeling a bit more idealistic by the end of the day.  In time you should be able to get others to see the value of taking a stand.  In fact, now is a good time to lead a revolt or to guide your people spiritually.

When you aim at your target, or mission goals, do yourself a favor, switch off your emotions.  Doubt, fear, in some cases even a high level of confidence, must get pushed aside or else you may miss your mark.  Approach everything with an analytical eye and there will be no doubts you will succeed.

We can't explain away your life experiences.  Nothing is 100 percent certain, but if you put your brain to work now, you can get things close enough.  Passion isn't going to be as powerful as intellect, at least not for the next little while.  Things should start to work once you've expanded your world-view, mostly because it's about introducing new ideas and perspectives into your professional life. To gain not only a new point of view, but a better point of view.

Someone close will come to you today for your advice on a situation.  With your fresh perspective and thoughtful insight, you'll be able to help them find the answer that they've been looking for for awhile.

Posted By Chris

Oh yes, the mysteries of love. 

The unknowable topic, it's vastness is somewhat intimidating, right?  Sure, we're right.  Right now you've got a very special mix of energy, like a magical power to obtain a much better understanding of it all.  Tune out and turn in and become enlightened!

Do something positive to take care of your health today, this mix of energy is also the best time to make a real healthy choice.  There is an indication you may have to step up and get your family to help out, or even to join you at the gym.

If you're thinking about or planning to renovate your abode, understand that as your personality changes you will need to see the change in your environment too.

Wherever your lessons takes you, adventure and spoils await!  So prepare yourself, because you're venturing into the unknown with the excitement of a true adventurer.

Posted By Chris

A decision you've been flip-flopping over suddenly becomes easier to make.

It becomes crystal clear and very advantageous when your brain and gut work in unison.  No wonder when you're in balance your verbal skills become a lethal weapon.

You can chat for hours about this and that and who did what to whom.  That's when you're in the mood, but when you are not, you are nothing if not direct.

Today you get right to the point without any preliminaries.  This is something that your friends appreciate, and your enemies fear.  It may save a lot of time, but today that energy would be better spent on other topics.

A romantic situation or prospect may appear great on the surface, but you'll need to bring all your insight and intelligence to bear now. Step back, look deep and listen to your inner voice and your soul source will answer.

Posted By Chris

Change does several things, but that doesn't mean it has to involve difficulties.

Induced change will shake you out of your rut, it has also opened your eyes and has given you a chance to see your life from an entirely different perspective.  That's really our point to the lesson!

Your job now is to look back in a few days to see how your world has been rearranged.  Try to remember how good it felt right afterward, and how not to give in to what's happening to you in the moment, just assist the process.

With the kind of energy you've got now, getting something new started shouldn't be a problem.  The only area of concern is you might have trouble prioritizing matters of the heart.  You can always consult a friend about it all.

You need to be proactive today, and make sure that your loved one isn't waiting for you to make the next move, so don't worry about stepping on toes.

Your relationships with others can and will be strengthened, and you might see quick benefits if you settle up sooner than later.  So take care of any imbalance that needs to be made before turning to any new business.

Posted By Chris

A bossy attitude won't win you allies or supporters.

Caution not to be opinionated today.  You don't need to convey your thoughts by being a bully.  A bossy attitude won't win over the crowd.  State your ideas and give opposing viewpoints the mutual respect both sides deserve.

Your substantial verbal skills will receive a boost of charisma from the universe to help assist you through out the day.  This energy will come in quite handy when you cross paths with a friend who's feeling a bit down energetically.  You'll be perfectly able to fix them up with a boost of energy and get them back on the road to recovery.

You love to tease, and you mean it in the most complimentary way, but someone might take something you say in an email, or something like that seriously.  It may be best to stick with straight-up conversation for the whole day to play it safe.

Everyone is in awe of your lightning-fast mind, but we suggest you may want to slow down and finish the last project before leaping ahead to the next one.  Yes it's almost time to get to work on something new.  You've got plenty of hot new ideas, but right now it's not really a good time for you to get involved in anything that doesn't include a social element that you are in need of to bring you into balance.



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