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Posted By Chris

Stop banging your head against the wall.

If you’re bent on punishing yourself try looking around for something softer to hit.  You’ve been juggling too many balls for too long.  It’s time you drop one or two, and if you can’t do that, at least consider passing a few balls off to someone who's empty handed.

You get creative when other people show boredom.  Yes, you can be fun, there's no two ways about it.  There's also no way to keep you from having a good time today when someone drops the balls you just tossed them.

You have been neglecting certain areas of your life while on your quest for better health.  Don’t forget that spirituality, intellectual pursuits, are also part of your healing process.

Posted By Chris

The energy cycle is now on a upswing!

Energy that has been lacking as of late is now increasing and coursing through your veins, to finally surround your whole sphere of influence at an amazing pulse.  You should feel ready for almost anything that crosses your path.  You will meet someone today who is also experiencing this energy flow.

When you least expect it, anger will enter into a conversation that seems mundane at first but turns ugly fast.  Your lesson, once you feel the temperature rising in your surrounding vicinity, is to temper the negative energy of all parties involved with deliberate manipulation of the energy. You know what to do, so this should be easy, right?  Fortunately, you'll have some very valuable universal energy to help to stay balanced.

As a side affect of the increasing energy flow you may be feeling a bit paranoid this morning, don‘t worry your higher than normal glucose levels this morning will help to stall any quick negative actions that you may feel compelled to display to others.  The lesson is to stay balanced and keep your feelings to yourself.

Posted By Chris

You're nothing if not persistent.

Today’s energy brings that patent trait you’re know for out in all its glory.  Someone may be exasperated with you, but you’re sure to move them in the right direction in the long run.

Watch for an extremely exciting turn of events that could leave you speechless.  If you're gusty and choose to tackle these new challenges, we will let the cat out of the bag now and tell you that your success is guaranteed.

Always be realistic and make sure you set short-term achievable goals to keep your interest level high when it comes to making long-term plans.

As you spend more time in level seven you will feel a closer connection with others more than usual, and you should be able to forge bonds that will stand the test of time and conflict.

It won't be hard to move these new friends into joining your team, after all, you have what they want.  If they show you anger, keep trying.  You need to be sure that you can at least say that you tried, though as you know things always get better with time.




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