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Posted By Chris
Someone new enters your life and shakes the foundation of your world. They will trigger some great new ideas that will help you realize something good something awesome.

Even though you have strong opinions, you’re willing to listen something new. Your open-mindedness will make you seem too malleable to some people, but you’re also bound to seem to smart for your own good in the eyes of others. The time is now right for networking, it will be the least likely people that will have incredible leads.

You never expected an argument would explode into a full blown conflict, but that’s what’s happening. Someone has a bruised ego, and that’s not going to be easy deal with. It’s a good idea to play it low. Do your own thing. Do some research. Listen to what other people have to say, but there’s no sense in bringing your own ego into the mix. By playing it cool for awhile, you’ll have more leverage later on.

You’ll have to make a sideways move before you can keep on going onwards this is what we call the counter balance. It’s time to plan and not to go barrelling forward. This will give you some well deserved time off around. Listen to your inner voice; and you’ll have a real handle on the intangibles. Then get ready to learn a new skillset, learning is the key that will reignite your passion for what you are working on now.

Jot down whatever passed through your consciousness. Then give it a day, and repeat. By the end of the month you’ll be at the top of your game. You've made the shift and you’re in it to win, and this time you will. When it comes to understanding a problem, the deeper you go, the better you understand it. Yes, this will involve some really uncomfortable feelings, but you really, need to let them in, let them be, then move through them directly to the truth, which is in side you. You’ll need to get in plenty of rest.

Posted By Chris
Harley the French Bulldog Pug takes a ride in our 69 Harley Davidson with a 29 Goulding Sidecar.




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