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Posted By Chris

Before you go and get mad, most likely you're seeing things from a skewed perspective.

Jealousy could be a major issue today, and in this case you're the one who's getting jealous.  It's a good idea to take a time out.  Your relationships are not all exclusive, sometimes, like it or not, you have to share the people who are most important to you.  You should have plenty of confidence in the value you bring to your friendships, and not to worry that anyone else can change that personal connection.  If you get too possessive about your relationships, you send a message that the assurance you need is more important that the other person's independence.

Three celestial bodies stop their retrograde motion and slowly begin moving forward.  That creates a tricky energy situation as Halloween begins, and it will dominate the psychic atmosphere, affecting mental inventiveness, wisdom, and and strangely father-daughter relationships.  Keep your mind open today, so you can adapt and evolve to the changing energetic circumstances affecting all relationships.

Will you use the strange mix of energy today to help motivate you into action, to become a more fearless warrior on the path of higher consciousness, or will you be stopped in your tracks as this mix of energy creates extra interference?  Take note that the Moon in Cancer today is also in void mode, that will not end until the arrival of Leo Moon later this evening.

Posted By Chris

The volume of your life has been nice and quiet, but is it putting you to sleep?  Pump up the volume and invite a little bit of turmoil!

You need to hunker down and work on your own for a while.  It can be a surprisingly productive day for you, if you work independently of others.  Despite their inability to help out as much as they would like, try to be a lot more understanding of their short comings than you usually are.  It might be a good idea to mix up your energy with the energy of a larger group, preferably in some sort of leadership position.  You can feed off the group energy and get a wonderful lesson on how to adapt to many different perceptions at once.

There is still a focus on family life due to the Moon's movement through Cancerian waters.  This is also a good time to get back into the swing of cooking healthier meals for yourself.  Giving you a boost in this direction is a flowing Sun-Moon trine.  The main challenge of the day arrives at later this afternoon when the Moon conjuncts the red planet Mars.  While the monthly lunar union with Mars can create a temporary force field of volatility and inflammatory conditions across the board.  Therefore, pushing your own agenda at call cost, coming from a staunch egocentric viewpoint, and projecting anger on well-meaning people are off limits. It is far better to be more humble and reveal your sensitive nature to loved ones than your aggressive nature.

Posted By Chris

To thrive on chaos or not to thrive on chaos is that the lesson?

There's almost too much going on in your life, its a good thing you thrive on the chaos.  No matter where you look, there will always be another project that could use your expert advice.  You also enjoy doing different things, and a recent development has been very good news for one of your major life projects.  The only negative has been the drain on your finances.  Take some time today to review your accounts and make sure you understand how they could be changing in the near future.  You are fairly well-prepared, but if you double check just in case, you will be able to give yourself some invaluable peace of mind.

There are significant energy alignments occurring today.  More solar, lunar and planetary aspects are taking place over the next day than any other time of the year, which will cause most mundane's to strive for clarity, reassurance and vying for recognition.  If you feel like hiding under a blanket all day, go ahead if you can.  Nevertheless, this energy alignment can prove to be an amazing day for accomplishments and spiritual insights, more likely before and after the void lunar cycle.  Late this evening after the Moon enters Cancer the energy will point you towards dealing with crucial home, family and domestic concerns, spend this time studying.

Posted By Chris

It's not every day, but today you feel like your individual decisions will have a big impact on your working life.  At least for today, you should be prepared to alter the course, if not the ultimate goal of your career.

Your heart wants one thing to happen in your life right now, in other words, right this very minute, but your intellectual mind knows that it might not happen for a while.  The battle between your impatient side and your pragmatic side will rage on through out the day, with little or no resolution.  This tension could cause you to lash out unusually at people who try to push your buttons.  You will rationalize lashing out at them by tell yourself it serves them right for trying to get you so riled up, and hurt you, but in the end if you add to the animosity you aren't doing yourself any favors.

Even though the Full Moon is over, the two days following this lunar monthly climax are still affecting the cosmic energies.  Think more about ways you can be of service to humanity, the greater good, and bring your circle of family and friends in closer.  Selfishness is out; compassion and kindness are in.  Testing you during the early hours is a Mercury-Saturn formation that can equate with oppositions that can coincide with delays, frustrations and restrictions in communications, and business matters.  On the other hand, a more supportive, energy connection between Mercury and Pluto arrives this afternoon.  Turn your attention to serious studies, research projects, and learning more about psychology and similar subjects.

Posted By Chris

You're a natural communicator and today's energy will help to make that quality even stronger.

You're given a gift today, that you will not appreciate.  This present might not be quite your style, but before you try to give it back see if you can integrate this new gift into your life.  If it's just not going to work, then you will have to let the giver know.  After all, if they think you like it, they will expect you to reciprocate.

If you are feeling somewhat edgy and nervous, you are feeling the arrival of the potent Full Moon.  Any Full Moon is already an incredibly dynamic time of the month, but adding to the potency of this Full Moon is a polarity between Venus and Uranus which increases tensions to a very high level.  Your goal is to stay as calm and serene as much as possible.  Meditation is recommended to help as a three hour void lunar cycle also begins at 8:00PM EST.  If the void zaps your energy, your significant other will assist with a quick energy boost.



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