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Posted By Chris

Try something totally new.  It's time to explore an esoteric method. 

Do you feel a surge of intellectual energy?  Use it or lose it.  While you may just want to enjoy it for its own sake, its time to use it to help yourself to try something totally new.  Don't just titillate yourself, get out there and do something!

Your opinions are valid, but so are everyone else's, even the ones that oppose yours.  Today's lesson is to do more than to just talk about it, stay open.  Today is a day to stop look and listen to what other people have to say, even if it's stupid!  Having a dogmatic attitude about life and the mundanes around you will make your life simpler.  Don't worry; your life will never get boring.  You're smart enough and charming enough to know how to listen to something you don't like without losing your cool.  Do your best to get out there and impress people.  Make more friends by keeping an open mind, and remember you teach others what you need to learn yourself.

Relationships will be your first issue.  If you don't start taking a genuine interest in your friends' lives, by listen to their problems and boring stories without letting your mind wander you'll be gathering information to help you solve next week’s problems.  Be the perfect audience that we know you can be.  Yes your colleagues can talk up a storm and waste all of your time, but to have good friends you must be an even better friend.  Make it a good time and take it to its extreme.

For all of your troubles you're in a reasonably good mood.  Its the Moon in Sagittarius, it tends to bring out the happier disposition in people, especially after the Moon took two days to pass through intensive and often dark Scorpio.  Keep sending out positive vibrations to friends, family members and colleagues.  Take another look at the big picture of your life and future plans its all changing.  A flowing trine between Mars and Uranus both in water signs is enhancing your charisma and personal magnetism across the board.  However, watch out for Mars to also make a more contentious swipe with distant and intense Pluto.  This will involve anger issues for you.  You might project this dark energy onto well-meaning mundanes.

Posted By Chris

Stay focused, because the outcome is up to you.

You're feeling a bit low-key right now, and you should certainly reduce your work load.  It's time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, for at least the day.  It's a good time to reflect and possibly to make important personal decisions.  When it comes to things like romance, it's not always in the hands of the Universe.  When you know what you want, it's easier to call the shots, than wait for things you need.

It looks like one of your more shallow friendships is making the move to become a much more important figure in your life.  However, some of your older friends might get a little bit jealous or leery to what this person is up to.  Your lesson today is to work on juggling and scheduling your time so that all your friends feel important to you.  Resentment will be the first issue to overcome.  Try to integrate this new person into the group so that everyone can spend more time with you.

Red Alert!  The Moon is void in Scorpio and won't come out of this weird-zone until late this evening when the Moon enters Sagittarius.  Therefore, trying to make things happen your way or using strong-arm tactics on the business front is out of the question.  This is magnified since the asteroid Juno and distant Pluto merge.  Emotional thunderstorms can be more pervasive from this influence.  Treat others today with extreme sensitivity and respect.  Let your happy-go-lucky disposition shine.  Manipulate the energies if you have too, and guaranty yourself a good day.

Posted By Chris

There's no need to rush in where angels fear to tread.

Take your time and do things right.  Today's lesson is to watch rather than act, you can learn quite a bit this way.  Whatever you're doing, you should see plenty of things to keep you interested.  Authority figures need a little mystery to thrive.  For the mundane's some things should remain unknown, if not unknowable.  Don't rush into any open doors, unless you want to be treated like an unaware mundane.

Your latest health concern for another should be addressed quickly.  Your level of worry about others should serve as a good gauge to how serious your own situation might be.  Use this inkling as a motivator to take better care of yourself.  Raising your energy levels, drinking more water, taking more walks, and eating more vegetables are all good things you're not doing enough of yourself.  Drastic measures aren't required to be a healthier you.  All you need to do is make a few small changes that you can live with.

As you can see someone close to you will use their health issues very soon as a way to gain sympathy from someone you also care for.  Taking care of yourself is all you can do at this time.  Whining about your energy levels are only acceptable if you're pushing a higher agenda.  Take it easy today across the board, and let others take the lead.  The Moon in Libra is in void mode moving into an intensive Scorpio.

Posted By Chris

Use your big giant brain to make some small, but very important course correction within your family relationships.

It's a really good time to make changes so more people can come together.  As far as family goes it seems like they all have more disposable income than you have right now, and they're inviting you along to some social events that seem to require greater amounts than you are comfortable spending.  You're stuck between a rock and hard place, do you tell them it's too pricey for your budget and make them feel sorry for you, or do you go along with it and resent the expense later?  When in doubt, do what is best for you.

Sometimes when you try to impress someone new, you might overwhelm them with your enthusiasm.  Don't let your excitement and nervousness intimidate this person.  Relax and let the discussion evolve naturally.  One issue is you start off all commitment and the next you're just not sure if you want to follow through.  That kind of duality isn't getting you where you need to get to.  Starting conversations to hear your self-talk is just verbal masturbation.  You may feel good but what about the other person, are they getting off too?

This is probably not the greatest way to start off a new workweek.  The Moon is making its monthly connection with Mercury in Libra.  It should be assisted with a major consciousness boost from Mercury as it makes a highly energizing parallel to Uranus which influences intuition.  However, a frictional square between Mars in Scorpio and virtually motionless Chiron a small comet-like body that orbits the Sun that is now in Aquarius can equate with a rise in angry outbursts and temperamental behaviour.  Think about burning off this extra energy through strenuous exercise before you get into a nasty argument.

Posted By Chris

You can get it all done if you really try!

Take care of the little stuff and the big stuff will take care of it's self.   You need to make sure that you're not forgetting about the stuff that is boring or tedious.  Thoughts might be misread today when too many ideas flood your brain all at once.  Its time again to keep a journal to track your ideas and make sure they are put into action.  Its also time to find like-minded people and surround yourself with them.  Chat with a pal about something that's been bugging you for extra perspective.  So when you finally do get down to work, your first course of action isn't trying to win over your friends.

It's time for a little maintenance work with your relationships.  Today, make sure you've answered all their emails and confirmed all your upcoming social plans.  Returning correspondence is the best way to show someone that they still matter to you with out the long conversations that go no where.  That's if you don't have time for a long phone conversation that is, just shoot them an email and set up a date to talk later.

This is a great morning to be more productive, particularly with arts and crafts.  The Moon will form a harmonious trine with Pluto in Sagittarius, so cash in on this opportunity to take a great leap forward across the board since this trine can give you an additional optimistic jolt, it also signals the beginning of a void cycle that lasts until the Moon enters Virgo later this evening.  Keep a low profile while the Moon moves through this void.  The Moon in Virgo, will bring a feeling that you must cleanup your act.  This will be accompanied by the need to eliminate non-essentials and accumulated junk in your environment.  Go for it, clean everything up until it shines again.



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