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Posted By Chris
It was cold and drizzling rain as we made our way to the designated meeting place at the far end of the parking lot.  At first we just stood there in the rain waiting for the head count to take place and to find out if it was a real emergency.  I hadn't really thought about it up until then, but the parking lot was cold and wet so I didn't ask or expect Harley to sit down next to me, so I was presently surprise when he quietly sat on my feet.  I would like to say it was planned and part of his training, but after this experience I have been getting him to sit on my feet in other situations like when we visit the men's room.

Evacuating the building was one thing, returning to the building was just as difficult.  But Harley seemed so pleased with himself as did I when we walked back to the building through the lobby being watched by the emergency response team watching and smiling as Harley walked by like nothing was unusual.
Posted By Chris

You can trust your closest friends today, but others have their own agendas.

It's a good time to pursue your own, because the energy momentum is a powerful force right now.  Seize it and see where you end up!  This is a great opportunity to push your agenda and get things pointed in the direction you want.

Use a heavy dose of your dazzling charm to drive a point home when selling an idea.  People want to be a part of something positive and exciting, and if you can lend those qualities to what you're advocating, you can convert anyone, even a mundane!

Someone is asking a few too many questions about your love life, well there's no reason you have to answer.  Smile mysteriously and then walk a way, leave it the answer to their imagination.

If it's been a while since you have had a serious conversation with someone.  You'll be surprised to discover someone very close has changed their perspective on a few items you both used to agree on.

It's time to request a formal evaluation. After all, everyone's been raving about your performance these days, so why not make it official? Turn those compliments into something more tangible like a promotion or a raise.

Posted By Chris

You may need to wait a few days to get your way.

You can't expect people to go along with you all the time.  Besides today's energy mix has closed people's intuition down leaving people incredibly resistant to your charm and more mundane than usual!

Your suspicion about someone will be proven when a friend or family member confesses.  Don't let this situation get out of hand with your "I knew its!" Instead, keep it on the calm and act surprised.

You'll see, it'll be much more fun later on, plus they'll clue you in on the juicy details if they don't feel threatened or humiliated.  You can actually offer more help that way.

Posted By Chris

Your feelings are your best possible guide to your future.

Your feelings can help you figure out what you want to do, and, more importantly, the best route to take.  Take some time to day to go over your to-do list and free yourself up even more possibilities!

Put more of your resources (energy) to research and look more deeply at those issues that are troubling you.  Your attitude about your physical self needs to change, and if it takes some effort to help you find an answer, then do it.

You have more free time than you think, so use it wisely and invest some of this time in exploring a different philosophy or religion.  You don't have to adopt it, but just understand there's more going on than you realize.

Follow your instincts and be spontaneous for a change of pace.  Your indecisiveness is frustrating, especially when everyone else is on a mission.  Instead of vacillating over the options in front of you, go with your first hunch.

A shift in the power was expected so why is it making things awkward?  You, especially, are having a hard time adjusting. Instead of trying to force the issue, just let the ebb and flow of your deep personal relationship work it out.

Posted By Chris

You're full of strong opinions today.

It's not unusual for you to be opinionated, what the problem here is others today are only to pleased to take you on.  So caution out there and guard from being too sassy.  Plan your day to experience just good fun, though if someone takes you too seriously, you may have to take a step back.  You could find yourself in a  vulnerable position when a snarky neighbor's bad vibration bleeds under the floor boards.  Remember it can't affect you without your consent.

As you get older and wiser the aim should be to reduce stress and complications.  While lots of drama and action are certainly swirling around you, and you can fool yourself by pretending its entertaining, you know that's not necessarily true or the best way to live.  Look at areas in your life that always generate lots and lots of conflict and figure out what you could be doing to bring the anxiety level down to the minimum.

Even the smallest action added to other small actions add up to steps in the right direction.  A lighthearted flirtation could make a big impression on a certain someone.  Make sure there's a mutual understanding of the situation, where you're each coming from the same direction.  Your someone special loves your mind as much as your other qualities, and today your opinions will make you even more appealing.  So don't hold back your famous banter, this person loves your quick wit.



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