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Posted By Chris

You're better able to express your ambitions today.

It's a really good time for you to step up to the plate and tell them what you really want, and while your at it show them that you really mean it!  Oops, that’s right you don’t care anymore.  Never mind go back to what ever.

Ready for a day that's perfect for no other reason than to walk the dog?  Well, good. We're all entitled to one of those down days, and you of all people should be set to enjoy it.

Of course, feeling this good by doing nothing means you really should share it with someone you care about.  I'll bet you know just the person to invite.

Laughter isn't simply the best medicine, it's one of life's little saving graces.  Look for the funny side of all events. And see whether your entire perspective about life doesn't do a complete turnaround.

If it feels like the same old day you usually have, your right you need to shake things up.  Do your best to try something new, whether it's taking on additional responsibilities or even taking a different route home try for something different.

Posted By Chris

Today you will show off your best asset.

Your talent for gathering new information and learning new things is your personal strength, and today you're showing off your best talent. The right people are watching and pleased to see you so fully engaged with the issues of the day.

You're feeling pretty darned fed-up, aren't you?  That’s no surprise considering it also feels like to you that something is about to happen but won’t.  Rather than sitting there and tapping your fingers, get up and get yourself busy.  All you can do at this point is wait, and you know this anyways.

You know that there's some truth to the rumors, about someone you know, but you won't contribute to their current troubles.  Good for you.  It's a fine line to walk, but if anyone can cross this tightrope, it's you.

You're soon going to get along with the important ones you work with, and that camaraderie will soon start to show.  Productivity is rising, and you're appealing to people in positions who can help your career.  Keep that game face on, no matter what.

Posted By Chris

You're a master of communication at the moment, share your vision and reap some serious rewards.

Your sense of adventure is fully engaged, and ready to go, so make sure that you're able to make sometime to have fun when the mood strikes you.

It's a really good day to attend parties and get-together, if you can make that work.  After what you have gone through over the past couple of weeks, today will be an absolute dream come true.

The time has come, no more explaining your every move to anyone who doesn't quite understand you, no more talking to people you're not really interested in and no more worrying about not being able to say the right thing.

Do you feel a little crazy?  You should!  You've got a dose of energy that only comes along once in a very long while.  You're saying what you mean, and mean what you say, and they will find you fascinating.

Posted By Chris

Put off things until tomorrow!

You're feeling down and out.  We give you permission to just stay home, or at the least, shut your door at work, and take life slow and easy.  Don't engage anyone, and put off any thing that needs your attention until tomorrow.

As if it's not already over your head with issues the negative forces will send a little disruption your way, just to be sure you don't ever get too comfortable.  The good news is you have the abilities to counter and soothe the troubled waters.

Your eye for what looks good and what will work is unmatched, so see if you can work your way into any creative projects coming up at work.  It will help you to develop that artistic ability you have, and it will also add depth to your job description.




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