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Posted By Chris
You're creative energy is high, this makes it a good time to dream up some great new ideas and concepts. It’s important that you share these new ideas with others. The people that you share these ideas with will be grateful. You're in the right frame of mind not to let all this attention go to your head.

Posted By Chris
Try to do things on your own today. This is not the best day to deal with other people, especially where money is concerned.

A new person in your life is interested in what you have to say, for reasons that might not be apparent. They're interested in interesting ideas, and you have plenty of them.

Don't sell yourself short, let yourself meet their expectations, and don't appear to be too contrary. Once you have them agreeing with you, you can be more vocal about opposing view points.

Posted By Chris
To give more than one receives, and to do so without a sense of expectation in return, could the answer to our personal happiness be so simple?

Posted By Chris
The energy that surrounds you, will soon begin to feel more centered than you've felt in a long time. It's a really good time to ask difficult questions as someone is pretending to look out for your interests. You'll be able to ferret them out. You've been asked to take sides in a dispute by both sides, you'll see a way to navigate your way through this difficult situation without offending either party by figuring out what's going on just beneath the surface.



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