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Posted By Chris

You are a born leader, and people are ready to follow you today.

People have been eager for someone to take a stand, and they will be so glad that it's you!  Standing up for yourself today is on the agenda.  Few things are as rewarding as telling a 'know it all' to  take a hike.  When you say what's on your mind, expect some applause to erupt from the audience.  People have been eager for someone to take a stand with this person, and they will be so glad that it's you!

Posted By Chris

You're energy level is up, and you feel like taking on new projects or making new plans.

You are especially interested in projects that require a bit more mental challenge to help push you well beyond old obstacles in your path.  Someone who's pulling an 'I'm too busy and don't have time' attitude around you is full of energy today and wants to spend time with you.  This time you will act like you don't have time for them, but you don't have time because you really don't feel like it.

Sometimes, it's a lot more entertaining to watch someone dig their own grave, then watch as they try to climb out of it.  You can't rest until you know this person who has hurt your feelings has failed to climb out of their hole, and that your reputation has been reestablished.  You have nothing to worry about right now, unlike this adversary.  Feel free to have a little fun feeling superior to this person.

Posted By Chris

Try not to worry about whether you are right or wrong, the important issue is how well have you expressed yourself.

You will be the missing link in a very interesting situation.   Start by asking if anyone needs help.  If you make your availability known you will get a great chance to add your own unique flair to something mundane.  In fact, you've been wanting to change this situation for a while.  Get ready to do your magic and impress a tough audience.

Posted By Chris

It's easy to get into fights with others today, everyone's testy and frustrated.

Usually, you can adapt to circumstances on the fly without too much trouble.  However, as you get further along on your path, it will become harder to change course, so do your best to just chill out and let the world do what it wants, so you can do what you need.

This means being yourself is not going to be easy or fun right now.  The passive life is comfortable and rewarding at times, but not right now.  Today, you want action, and action is what you can have.  Lots of people, and definitely lots of noise will surround you.  It's the perfect day if you want a jam-packed day full of excitement and activity.  Your lesson today is to prepare your mind for chaos, in part because chaos is freeing, and in part because you will enjoy trying to organize and control it.

Posted By Chris

Something unexpected will arrive today, forcing you to assess your situation in a more creative way.

This can be a great start to your workweek as the Moon leaves void status by entering Cancer, but the negative forces creep in under the cover of the shadows.  This wave of negativity  could cause you to experience mood swings, especially if you're experiencing disappointment by others actions.  Try not to take it out on them too much, but do be honest if they ask you what's going on.

An unexpected letter might arrive today, forcing you to assess your situation in a more creative way.  It's time for you to investigate different ways of making your resource buffer thicker.  Perhaps you've been focusing too much on what you've been spending money on, and not enough on what you been saving for.  Your mission is a long-term project, so don't make the mistake of expecting immediate results.  Learn more about real-estate values in your area of influence.  Study historical trends relating to business cycles, booms and recessions.  The Moon in Cancer allows you to tap into the past and make a profit at the same time.

Family and domestic themes are prominent right now, and a wave of nostalgia moves into your sphere.  During this energetic influence be super-sensitive to loved ones under pressure as the Moon makes its monthly connection with Mars early tomorrow morning.  Watch out for the tendency to act impulsively without careful forethought by projecting anger onto others.  Slow down your tempo across the board as this martial, inflammatory energy continues over the next two days.



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