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Posted By Chris

Preaching won't get them off the couch, so go out on your own.

Sowing seeds doesn't mean you have to stick around to watch the seeds to grow?  You may be taking your duties to a whole new level of commitment, but others around you may not.  It's one of those days when you're just glad to be alive and your life keeps showing you why you're right.  Even dark days can be made good in some way if you keep your spirit high.

Building momentum will be hard for you to achieve, today, so as soon as you can get into your grove for the day, you are probably going to start feeling foggy or unclear about what to do next.  If that happens, then turn your focus outward.  Instead of getting all wrapped up in your own goals, focus on the things that other people are doing.  See if you can help them.  Often, when you step out of your own story, you get a better perspective on it.

If you've been fairly successful at avoiding major issues of the spirit and detours on the physical plane during the last few days, then count yourself very lucky. Realize that millions of souls have been losing their way and may not figure out in time what's going wrong.  Fortunately, you start each day contemplating and hopefully expanding your understanding of this harsh realm.

Posted By Chris

You're crazy if you think you can take over the world.

Your brain is working overtime trying to come up with ways to take over the world.  Okay, so let yourself dream up big crazy schemes, there's almost nothing holding you back at this point.  Today is actually a good day to try something you've been meaning to do for ages.

Despite the fact that you have been really enjoying marching to the beat of your own drummer, for sometime now, the urge to hop onto the mundane bandwagon and follow others for a change might probably be too hard to resist.  Going along with the crowd every once in a while is not a sign of weakness.  So stop with the guilt trip and just do what you want to do, even if that means doing what everyone else wants you to do.

Posted By Chris

You get smacked in the head with an insight so big that you can't absorb it all at once.

Take your time to process it thoroughly.  Its important enough that you need to make sure you're acting on it the right way before you doing anything about it.  You'll feel a little sensitive right now, as you work your way through it.  Something someone says in jest may may upset you.  Let them know if your feelings were hurt, but also try to have some perspective on the situation.  People around you are much more open to new information than you think right now, especially that one friend whose health isn't what you think it should be.

Be careful today not to throw a casual suggestion their way about how they could improve their quality of life or make themselves happier with their body.  You are to be tactful enough to know how to avoid sounding like a lecturer.  Just trust that what you say will have the desired impact on this person you care so much about.  Take time to notice the flirtatious energy flowing around you!  The universe is trying to throw potential partners in your path, but you won't notice if all you focus on is work.  No matter what seems to be going on around you today keep being productive in your main areas of expertise.

Posted By Chris

If you play your cards right, here's an opportunity to make steady progress along many paths.

You need to make sure that you're not just saying no because your tired of fighting.  Don't just exercise that big brain power only when you think it's essential!  Things could get a little weird late tonight.  Make sure that you can still stand up to them.  If you want to get to know someone in a more intimate fashion, the slower you take the budding relationship, the better.  There's no need to rush into anything you might regret later.  Keep the pace steady.

It's wonderful to get all excited about something new once in a while, try not to spend all day fantasizing about how it's going to change your life, or whatever.  But before you plunk down some of your hard earned resources, you owe it to yourself to go slower and do more research.  You can't let your feelings control you, that's your brain's job, and you should never forget it!  Don't wait for something to happen in your relationship, take action.  You can make the first move and get the ball rolling, which is exactly what your intended target would like.

Posted By Chris

Today you are feeling extra productive.

Take care of all your errands early today. Then later this afternoon it's the perfect time to catch up on your correspondence. There is one long distant friend in particular who would get immense pleasure out of receiving a letter from you. Find a quiet moment and just jot down a few updates on what's been going on and what you want to do.

Friends and family are much harder for you to read today, but as long as you know that, you should avoid making any major faux pas. Just smile and forgive and forget, you can figure it all out later. You have too much planning to do. Talking up a storm with mundane's can wait until the weekend. For now, block out all the noise, in any form it reaches you, and stay focused on what's on your to-do-list.



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