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Posted By Chris

You’re a key player in a lot of dramas!

Your social network stretches farther out than you realize, which makes you a key player in a lot of dramas!  Today you might get drawn into some else's strange reality.

There is a feeling of the need to
network right now, and with your ability to multitask, it can have all sorts of positive effects.  Let the meeting of the minds begin!

A group that you're quite active with is about going to ask, that you become more involved.  A lot more involved.  Does this mean the fun will begin or is over?

Sit down with your someone special and talk about what each of you wants, it shouldn’t take long.  There is no surprises, but it will be good to hear what they've got to say.

You must, pay closer attention to the advice of your colleagues.  Seek it out if they're not talking about it on their own.  Even your friends that you don't see or think about often might have important insights.

Posted By Chris

As the cosmos shift and the stars change positions, you're among the first on Earth to feel the affects.

This will give you the feeling all day long that you're somehow on the right side of the line that separates the insiders from the outsiders. People are trying to tell you something important, but you might not be ready to hear it. That doesn't mean you can't at least listen and keep the information tucked in the back of your mind for the future.

Tackle tasks one-by-one instead of trying to get everything done at once.  Later in the day, watch out for any impulsive words or gestures.  You might want to set aside some extra time for meeting with others today.  Your colleagues will have great advice for you if you seek it out.

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Everything that happens is merely a distraction from what truly matters.  What truly matters is to understand what is merely a distraction.

Take a deep breath and
turn into the storm, face the wind and step into the eye of the storm.  There you will find stillness.  You can learn much from this place of silence.  There you will discover wonders that still cannot be explained.

Posted By Chris

Remind yourself that opinions are not facts.

When arguing with someone today over something you passionately believe in, you may try to sway this person to your way of thinking. We suggest you try to be open to changing your own mind.

Spending sometime in deep thought should really pay off for you, your mental energy is prepared to come up with some great new ideas.  This can be a good time for planning or for studying difficult subjects.

You are tired of all the usual local places you frequent.  You wish to expand your world, and seek out something foreign!  You are thinking maybe about taking a cuisine to a far-away land.  This is the sign for you to start thinking globally!

Short trips are more your style right now, and yes we know at the moment you really want to travel overseas.  We suggest you drift off into your own world by taking a float.  You have good mental powers, so why not ease into your subconscious for a few hours and see what's going on?

Posted By Chris
We all become multi dimensional time travelers when we imagine the whys and wherefores!



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