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Posted By Chris

Expect some craziness today.

It’s the energy, watch as it affects people in a way that they will likely overreact to the smallest issues.  You’re charm may not be able to keep them from freaking out on you, but you will be able to gently bump them back into their comfort zone.

good news today is coming out of left field, involving your family and friends.  There are new arrivals, all over the place and happy announcements that will tie up lose ends and bring some of the major storylines together.

You'll have a hand in delivering some good news yourself, so use all the positive energy you can and carefully store any left over away for a rainy day that is soon to follow.  You're slowly understanding your current situation for what it really is, which is a good thing, it’s called enlightenment.

You have nothing to worry about right now, so stop worrying. It’s okay if things are quiet, you have asked for this peace and calmness, haven’t you? 
Although you feel very busy, be sure to take advantage of this time to relax and recharge.

You enjoy hanging out with friends, but as you can see it can also take a lot of your energy.  You need some time to unplug yourself from others before you have to plug yourself back in.

Forget the electronic world your energy is best spent connecting in person, get ready for one-on-one interactions. You should be able to charm almost anyone with ease and maintain your energy levels.




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