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Posted By Chris

Today you are surprisingly focused on your studies! 

Money issues weigh heavily on your mind right now, although there's no reason to be nervous about it.  We have the situation in hand.  You're merely more aware of the reality of your planets financial situation, which is a very good thing.  The more accurate you are about where society is going, the better prepared you are to get to where you need to be.  So if you are feeling more thrifty or conservative than you usually do, this isn't a panic-based reaction to a shortage of funds.

Psychic storm warnings are posted as the dark forces are in a take-no-prisoners mood.  Mars is still in retrograde motion until January 30, 2008 and it is still in opposition to the Sun until later this afternoon.  This major alignment is a profound happening throughout the day, so watch out for mental, emotional and physical burnout.  Pushing another person's buttons will lead to negative results.  You will want to tone down your rhetoric and be more empathic to others under pressure.  Making, long-term agreements at this time is not wise because this solar-energy clash can come back to haunt you in the future.

Even though the strong presence of Mars is energetically pushing you into some sort of action, you want to focus your energies into the best available channels.   The Moon continues its movement through watery Cancer, causing you to spend time soul-searching and recapitulating.  Try not to entertain the thought that they are escape routes, they are realistic ways to understand the origin of your feelings, motives and attitudes.

Posted By Chris

You're not taking the mission too seriously right now.

Playing the flirt and seeing who plays along, right now these are the people you want to spend more time with.  Not taking your mission seriously right now is just fine with you, and who you are hanging around with.

Do yourself a favour and think before you act!  Flying by the seat of your pants and being impulsive will boomerang and cause a counter balance.  The three main reasons for caution are a frictional, energy link between Mercury and Neptune and the Full Moon taking place.  A  caustic relationship between Mercury and Neptune warns against signing legal papers especially if they involve big dollars.

Any Full Moon is a powerhouse of revelation and enlightenment, but it can also represent a tug of war with loved ones. Send out your prayers and thoughts to someone special they are in need of energy.  The Moon conjunction with the red planet adds an extra note of inflammation and volatility in many areas of your life.

Red Alert, we are only a day away from an intense Sun-Mars polarity that will drive your ego to be self-centred.  There's also a short void lunar cycle that happens also creating a 3 hour limbo like time period.  The Moon shifting from Gemini to Cancer places an emphasis on home, domestic and family issues.  Nostalgic waves will flood your mind for most of the afternoon and the evening hours.

Posted By Chris

Today you will communicate with others in a different way.

It takes a lot of energy to meet new people, so if you're not exactly in a socializing mood, that's something the people in your life need to understand.  If they are pushing you to go out or to host another gathering, let them know right away that you are looking for a break in the action.  It's time to relax and read a good novel.

Most of humanity is experiencing a tumultuous roller-coaster ride of emotions that will last over the next 6 days.  There is a slight let-up today compared to yesterday, although the morning hours do bring a frictional energy that can cause a jolt to your romance relationships.  The question is whether that jolt is positive or negative.  Much of what happens today depends on your current outlook on life.  Keep in mind that the Moon is still in a limbo-like void cycle until 7:00PM EST tonight.

This is a sacred turning point of the year that is known as the Winter Solstice.  The Sun entering the final earth sign of the zodiac begins a 30-day cycle that brings career matters and reaching a worldly pinnacle into question.  You may be able to cash in on one of your more important investments in the next 24 hours as the Sun also unites with Jupiter, and by tomorrow evening you should have the answer.

Posted By Chris

Someone's strange comments will get on your nerves.

You may find yourself chattering away, despite not having much to say or you might not have much interest in the person you're speaking with.  This is just one of those days.  Why won't the mundane just come out and say what they really mean?  If you want to get to the truth about what someone thinks, then you need to come right out and ask them what is on their mind.  They might be surprised by your boldness, but they won't be able to deny that they are wasting your time.  If they clam up, then it's a sure sign that they are not worth the patience you are spending them.  It's time to limit the time you waste on others and move on as soon as you can with your own interests.

This could turn into one of those days when the quick pace seems to keep your head spinning.  Stay calm while a psychic storm moves in, and messes up your carefully constructed plans.  The big culprit right now is the negative forces that can create extreme conditions across the board.  Don't get sucked into any black holes created by the underworld that can affect your attitudes and behaviour.  Concentration on spiritual topics will give you the willpower to move through your problems with greater self-confidence to ward of the wave of confusion that other wise might overwhelm you.  The storm coincides with a long void lunar cycle starting at 3:00AM EST and lasting until 7:00PM EST tomorrow.

Posted By Chris

You've got a bigger network of influence than you realize.

You might not see them often but their out there.  It's a good time to step up, and reacquaint yourself to your people, you never know what might happen.  Today's lesson is to take note from the inappropriate behaviour of someone who has been annoying you lately. They are speaking without thinking and being a big mouth.  Their activity is not winning them any friends right now, and you would do wise to separate yourself from them.  But if your core group of friends is eager to hear what you think about a recent development, be yourself a not shy about sharing your thoughts.

If you start feeling a rise in tensions tonight, you are not alone.  Saturn is virtually motionless as it prepares to reverse itself in Virgo tomorrow morning.  Do your best to not let yourself be affected with, worries and self-doubts.  Think more seriously about who you are, where you are going, and why it's crucial to the fulfillment of your higher destiny.



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