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Posted By Chris

This is the time of year that is all about extremes.

Your family needs you now and you've got the right kind of energy to share with them.  It's a good time to build up your weakest relationships and to remind loved ones that you're all in it together.  Dealing with family can bring stress as well as joy, so rely on your support advisor to keep you calm.  Once you're home again you can laugh about any drama that occurred with them.  Your closest relationships are now on the table now, and you might find that new people are trying to negotiate or to get you to try something new that you might not be ready for yet.

You'll soon see some signs of life in one of your relationships that you thought was dead and buried.  Set your hurt feelings or grudges aside, and try to give this person a second chance.  This person wants back into your life, but in a different capacity.  It could be a win-win situation for you both, so don't let your emotions deprive you of a good opportunity.

You can make the best of what you once thought was a bad situation.  But caution not to preach it will not get you anywhere with this friend in trouble.  A bunch of 'I told you so' comments make this person feel worse than they already do.  Keep your judgment to yourself and listen with compassion.

Much of yesterday energy was due to the union between Venus and Chiron.  Whether that celestial combination helped you out in your romantic life or not, many changes are now due today because of it.  Avoid impulsive actions that can quickly backfire with nasty results.  A calm, serene demeanour throughout the day will set the right tone.

Posted By Chris

Tis the season to observe.

Slow down the pace and allow yourself to enjoy the spirit of the season.  Enjoy a walk tonight and admire the winter beauty.  Some days are better for watching than for taking action and right now you can absorb all the good on subtle signals that you wouldn't otherwise be able to understand.

Someone who's being very nice to you right now might have a hidden agenda, so hold off on placing a significant amount of trust in them.  Through continued observation, you will come to the conclusion that they aren't quite the person they present.  First of all, they are nowhere near as smart as you, it's pretty dumb to try to put something over on you!  You're acting more cautiously than you usually do, but this is a healthy trend.

Today's lesson is to observe.

Posted By Chris

Observation comes in handy today when you try to decipher someone's true nature.

Today an important one will offer you insight into a situation that has been puzzling you.  They have the ability to get to the heart of complex issues and make sense out of them.

You're not feeling quite as active today, but you're still a long way from lazy.  In fact, you may find yourself busting out with some surprising energy bursts and insights that can only come during periods of calm.

You would love to splurge, but you have to be more calculating than usual this year.  If you've never had to cut back before, then make an adventure of it.  Consider this a lesson into the unknown.

Take it easy after yesterday's onslaught of intense energy as the Sun united with distant Pluto.  Since this is the beginning of a new workweek, many extreme energies may be turning relative to the global financial meltdown.

Posted By Chris

Clear your mind of all your troubles and make today all about you and your loved ones.

Focus on the best parts of your relationships and celebrate the love that you share with each friend.  Even if others are starting to drop from exhaustion, you're still going strong!  You might be covering for someone or just taking on extra duties, but for now it all keeps you happy.

There could be a personality clash between a couple people in a group gathering today, but it will be very entertaining and you'll have a front row seat to witness all the juicy drama that goes down.  You won't believe some of what you hear.  You don't have to shy away from tossing in your two cents either.  Feeding the fire isn't usually a good idea, but on days like today the higher the fire goes, the better.

Today's lesson is to watch people get a taste of their own medicine, and for you the taste is delicious.

Posted By Chris

Love is a small word that means something very big!

You can define the word however you want.  It's all around you if you just open your eyes wide enough to see it.  A new kind of love and romance will be revealed to you soon, but you might not recognize it at first.  If you are expecting a new love or maybe just a new friend to treat you special you might be disappointed.  But if you are looking for a more deeper love with gestures between people, of unconditional love and sweet secrets shared between friends, there are beautiful images all around you, in time you will be happily rewarded.

You're on top of the world and feeling so good that you can hardly believe that it's really happening.  Take care something small may set you off, since you are so comfortable.  It's doesn't take as much energy to unbalance the scales of balance as it does to keep your energy in balance.  Guard from feeling overwhelmed, at this time of year, you may feel tempted to shut down.  Instead of flipping the emotional off switch, it's better if you get your frustrations out in the open.  Talk with someone you trust and value their advice.

There's no need to rush while your energy levels are high.  The Moon in Virgo goes void at 8:00AM EST that lasts until 12:00PM EST, but crises and sharp challenges often manifest around this type of solar-lunar conflict.  Be on your best behavior during the last quarter of the void while the void lunar vibes are happening at their most extreme.  Once the void has past its time to improve your primary friendships, take a friend to lunch at a favorite restaurant and enjoy light-hearted conversation.

A couple of surprises or shocking news can be in store around the time when the Moon makes a parallel to Uranus which influences revolutionary ideas later this afternoon.  Nurture loved ones down on their luck as Mercury makes a flowing trine to Ceres.  This harmonious alignment also doubles as a force to enhance your productivity in your main fields of expertise.



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