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Make sure that you’re being crystal clear.

Now is the time to get work done, if possible, try to put off any lengthy conversations or intense rumor campaigns for at least another day. Things are sure to settle down soon.

You should know by now that what you say and how you say it can directly affect what other people think of you.  Yes, you can be charming, but talking without thinking today can be quite detrimental to your personal and professional reputation.

It's important with this kind of energy mix to feel your feelings, but you also need to keep them in line, especially if you’re in the middle of some financial or business negotiations.

Eliminate any sources of distraction.  Communications are likely to be mixed-up at the moment, perhaps particularly when it comes to the emotional relations department.

Posted By Chris

One minute you're dying to be in a relationship, then all you want is to be single and free.

What’s up with the flip-flop?  One minute you're all crushed because they’re somewhere else, then their there and you can't wait for them to leave.

You’re extra fickle at the moment, so don't take any dramatic steps in your life right now.  It will be harder to clear up that weird misunderstanding that is sure to happen.

Midday a misunderstanding is going to happen where a misunderstanding will not go away by itself.  Your energy is a little diffuse right now but that can work to your advantage.

Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time is bad enough when you're among friends and family, but if you put your foot in your mouth in a professional situation, it could mean big trouble.

You usually know exactly what to say, but for some reason, your words are getting all twisted and tangled as they come out of your mouth right now, you'll save yourself a lot of backpedaling and apologizing.

Posted By Chris

You're doing a pretty good job keeping a secret.

Eventually you’ll need to bring this secret out in the open.  In fact, it may be a good idea to do just that as soon as possible, if only to move on to the next part of the lesson.

This might be one of those times when a romantic relationship becomes so complicated and dramatic that it blocks out every other aspect of your life.  Remember that you’re in control and you can direct the outcome of the story in whatever direction you want to take it.

You may feel as though you're starring in your own little soap opera.  The good thing is there isn't as much acting involved as you would think.  Decide how you want the ending to turn out, and make it so.  When the drama starts to get too stressful, a good dose of humor will really help.

Posted By Chris

Today the outcome is totally up to you.

Yes we understand that statement could mean almost anything, you be the judge, you may play to win or you may play to match your opponent skills and be your own spoiler.  Ultimately which way you play the game it is totally up to you!

A very intense situation that comes in a work situation could lead you to wonder if you should say what you know or just keep quiet.  Most times this would not be a dilemma for you.

The good news is that in the end, the truth always comes out.  Your lesson here is to decide whether you want to be the instrument of influence now or a watcher later.

Posted By Chris

You're feeling much more willing to take risks, especially since sneaking a few tips from your knowledgeable friend.

A new career path is always exhilarating but tricky to balance.  What takes precedence?  If you put all of your energy into your current path, you will continue to succeed towards your goals, but something that you want does not come without shifting gears.

One more day of secrecy, which has to be making you crazy, at this point.  Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too long now.  Soon you will tell the rest of the world.  In the meantime…

You and your romantic other are on the same wavelength again, and it's easier than ever to move forward together.  Make some serious progress before the bickering starts it cycle once again.

That new relationship might start off on neutral ground, but it probably won't end up there.  Whether the energy drops or increases to new heights is up to you.  Open your ears and your mind, and give your voice a rest.



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