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Posted By Chris

Surrender has brought you peace of mind.

After a day of turmoil your emotions are under control.  Which is more than we can say for your friends and associates!  You may have to be the calm one, even though we don’t think it will be enough to make a huge impact on the others.

Modesty definitely becomes you right now. You're putting aside what kind of rewards you could plunder and pillaging after winning a big battle, and look at you, you're simply operating on the strength of your desire to do only the right thing.

The goodwill that you're creating is reflected in everything around you, now.  You are now co-creating your world with both calm and positive energy.

Sometimes you like to let others see your softer side reign.  You're gentler, kinder side, the side of you that is much easier to approach. Of course, you also stand out quite a bit, when you take a stand on morale ground.

Letting people know when you are not pleased comes naturally to you, but when it comes to expressing your gentler side, you’re a touch more cautious about what you say.  Just make sure that your loved ones and friends aren’t misinterpreting your sudden introspective behavior, okay?

Reach out to others, and see how you can help them with their problems. You have the ability for balancing energy and creating harmony which is exceptionally keen right now, and your efforts will be much appreciated.

Posted By Chris

Embrace your independence today!

You're moving in to new territory today as you acknowledge your independence from the human race.  In time you’ll become the envy of all your friends.  Someone new is likely to notice your leadership ability, because it makes you irresistible.

Ask a friend for help today, they do owe you, so see how far the two of you can go.  It's easier than ever to make teamwork work, and your natural leadership make this work.

Using your hands could be a real stress reliever for you.  You need to do something with your hands to keep your mind busy.  And no, writing your blog or sending emails doesn't count.  You need to do some good old-fashioned handiwork.  We suggest you start working on the bike.

Put some time into networking and building your alliances.  Your work relationships are at their healthiest they’ve been in years.  It’s time to spend sometime working on your friends list?

Posted By Chris

Sometimes the best way to get your point across is to have a face-to-face talk.

Try to avoid paper and electronic conversations throughout the day.  If you fly under the radar, and keep things out of print you should be able to avoid the worst of the negative energy coming your way.

Your friends are expecting you to join them for a get-together.  Unfortunately, you're also invited to go along with a whole new crew.  To be mister wonderful you’re going to have to find the time, and energy for both groups.

Show your appreciation for your people with a spontaneous dinner party.  Spend the in good conversation, telling bad jokes and reminiscing.

You should see a boost in your earning power, or at least a short-lived bump in your income, soon.  Expect someone to unexpectedly notice your hard work and reward you.

Posted By Chris

Balance is what life is all about.

See if you can get your most trusted friend to check over your idea first. Your skepticism will possibly shift toward paranoia, that's not necessarily such a bad thing, but it does slow you down and waste energy in the process.

Anytime you begin to follow a new route on this road of life, you need to lighten your load.  With a lightened load you will obtain better fuel mileage, for the long journey a head it will also give you better speed.

Let go of old misconceptions, assumptions and mostly your expectations. It's only fair that things should start with a clean slate especially where your friendships are concerned.

Changes in a relationship will initially feel uncomfortable, but that is to be expected, so don't let it scare you off.  This is a very exciting phase in your life.

You've got an amazing depth of energy working on your behalf today. With things lined up for you like this, you're even harder to resist than usual.  Soon you will be contacted for assistance.

You're getting along better than ever right now with others, thanks at least in part to your positive attitude.  See if you can spend some extra time just walking and talking to your innersole.




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