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Posted By Chris
It's time to let go of your humility. What you think as your better quality by being modest and respectful of others, only serves to make you feel less of your many successes. It's time to revel in your success rather than morn your losses.

Through this personal loss you will discover a new way to make things happen, and you should be proud of what you soon will achieved. Others will certainly be proud of you!

As you look around your reality, you feel ashamed of everything, your off-brand comments, your emotional outbursts, your medical illness. But if you spend a bit more time taking care of yourself rather than helping others, your mood will improve.

A person who you know that is usually more generous with their time is being a little bit less attentive so lately, so don’t rely on them like you have come to do. They're feeling much more thrifty and conservative than usual, and it could put a crimp into the time you spend on your relationship.

They too have a chip on their shoulder as you do about their present situation, so be careful not to interpret it in the wrong way, as later you'll feel guilt. Put yourself in their place and remind yourself that it’s not easy to be the leader. Work with them and cut them some slack.




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