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There's a fine line between standing out and sticking out.

It's okay to speak up, you have become the one who can say what everyone else is thinking.  If you're not sure, experiment and you'll see what we say will happen.  You are almost certain to surprise even yourself.

Your hopes and wishes are your own, so don't go changing them around in order to fit in with the desires of someone who is presently in the power position.  It's important to be resolute in your goals, because otherwise you will never ever attain them.

Peer pressure can be tough act to counter balance, but if something the group wants you to do directly conflicts with something that you need to do, then you've got to refuse to do it.  You're just trying to be happy, and your friends should understand and support you.

Even if you can't accomplish everything on you to-do list today, set out to accomplish at least one goal.  And make sure it's emotionally oriented. Cleaning up your computer profile, or doing a little housecleaning, might not be enough to satisfy this energy bubble.

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