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Don't let anxiety get the better of you today.

You may have some little things you are concerned about, but remind yourself that overall, you are doing just fine.  You're on the right track.  You can afford to mix it up a little bit, so get out there and find some new place to hang out, as your energy is impossible to contain in any one location.

Today's lesson is to be more conscious about others.  It takes a lot of energy to be a conscientious person, but you have a knack for it. You know how to make everyone else feel comfortable and at ease, which will be invaluable for just about any experience today.

If you are meeting people for the first time, you will be the one to set a calm scene.  You know how to feed someone's ego just enough to make them feel comfortable, but not so much that they feel patronized.

You might have to point out to others what may be obvious to you.  It may not look to an outsider like there's much going on, but you know that there is plenty of energy being mixed up in the room.

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