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Reach out and seek a trusted mentor.

Share what's going on in that head of yours and don't be ashamed of your ambitions.  How can people help you if they don't know what's going on?  Don't be afraid to ask for advise , reach out and seek a trusted mentor.

Make sure that your friends and family are all in the loop, we know that may be difficult, it feels like a waste of energy, that’s because they are all so scattered too!

Talking will get you anything you want today, your talented way with words is especially captivating right now, and you will have the perfect terms right on the tip of your tongue.

Verbal communication has long been one of your strengths, and today even more so.  So this is a wonderful time to meet new people, especially people you want to impress.

Deflect inquiries about your love life.  Interactions of this type are emotionally charged.  Remember what motivates this person is that misery loves company.  Issues of romance are particularly upsetting right now for this person, so do them a favor and back off.  They’ll thank you for it at a later date.



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